Digital Campus Platforms to Transform Higher Education Institutions

Transforming Higher Education Institutions Through a Digital Campus Platform

With the world making a digital move in almost every sector, education needs a digital shift too. Well, the question is what are the best technology-based solutions institutions should adopt, to make the campus a more sustainable and desirable place to study and achieve aspirations?

The answer is simple – a Digital Campus Platform!

Need for a Digital Campus Platform

With the Indian higher education landscape being the third highest in the world, there is too much complexity as well as competition between institutions that want to attract and retain the best talent while delivering the finest experience on campus. The key to attracting the best talent is providing the new generation of students a seamless digital experience and making their life on campus super easy and comfortable.

This is where a Digital Campus Platform plays a crucial role in making campuses modern and smart.


Transforming Higher Education Institutions Through a Digital Campus Platform


CollPoll Digital Campus for Digital Transformation of Educational Institutions

CollPoll Digital Campus is a comprehensive suite of 40+ technologies offering a web and mobile-based campus automation, digital learning and analytics platform, designed to address the rising complexity, competition, and digital compliance through a complete digital transformation of higher education institutions.

CollPoll’s objective is to empower students, faculty and staff, among other stakeholders, enable management to make informed decisions, improve the student experience on campus as well as keep parents informed and updated on key activities happening in the institution.


CollPoll Digital Campus for Digital Transformation of Educational Institutions


Here’s how you can transform your institution with CollPoll Digital Campus:

1. Automating Administration/ERP

  • Admission Automation: CollPoll digital campus enables institutions to manage student enrolment, verify admission documents, engage prospective students, initiate and track fee collection, generate ID as well as get easy access to detailed reports. This will enhance the applicant experience and also reduce the burden on the administrators.
  • Master Data Management: Administrators can add and manage complete academic and non-academic records such as departments, programmes, terms, specialisations, courses, curriculum etc. Thus, giving administrators quick access to the institution’s entire data.
  • Fee and Dues Management: CollPoll digital campus enables students to easily submit their payments from anywhere and finance administrators to perform various functions like – setting up fee plans, penalty plans, creating and tracking scholarships, integrating payment gateways, managing dues collection and more
  • Placement & Internship Management: CollPoll makes it easier to manage career services which include managing an organisation’s database, student registration, sharing new opportunities with students, managing student applications and pre & post selection process, reports, analytics etc.
  • Human Resource Management: Admins can  manage records of students, faculty and staff, update and track attendance manually or automatically, integrate with biometrics, RFID cards, and facial recognition, and manage leaves effortlessly
  • Infrastructure & Venue Booking Management: This enables admins to manage the entire infrastructure and venues digitally, allows students to book venues and conduct events with real-time notifications. Moreover, it helps institutions in assigning admins to each infrastructure, configuring bookings, and having instant communication with the requesters.

2. Complete Academic Management

  • Academic Management System: CollPoll enables admins to manage terms, curriculums, courses, specialisations etc., adopt fully flexible, fixed or hybrid credit systems, manage choice based course registration, create online timetables, manage attendance, assessments and more
  • Outcome-Based Education: This module follows student-centric learning and teaching methodology in which the course delivery and assessment are planned to achieve stated outcomes
  • Learning Management System: The Learning Management System enables faculty to plan and create lessons, track student progress, take attendance, share learning resources etc. and allows students to attend online classes from anywhere, take quizzes, submit assignments etc.
  • Examination Management System: The EMS module enables the controller of examinations to – conduct online exams, manage entire pre and post-examination processes, send real-time notifications, calculate and publish grades, etc.  
  • AI-proctored Online Exams: AI proctored online exams offer the ability to ensure virtual invigilation of students and cheat-free procedures to maintain integrity during exams. CollPoll uses AWS Lambda and Rekognition Solutions for reliable proctoring of the online exams.

3. Revamp Campus Experience

  • Campus Help Center: CollPoll’s Campus Help Center allows administrators to automate 1000+ campus workflows, manage and track students’ requests on different services, and much more
  • Mess & Hostel Management: The mess automation module enables institutions to manage their mess operations in a seamless and contactless way, reduce food wastage, save vendor costs and also provide students food options that they love, based on their feedback on CollPoll.

Additionally, the Hostel Management Module allows a simpler way to manage room allotment, automate hostel services, access students’ hostel data, including – attendance & leave management, hostel fee payments, and more.

  • Campus Entry/Exit Management: This module ensures a smooth campus access experience. From managing different gate passes to customizing entry & exit timings, generating automated notifications for late entry & absenteeism, and managing COVID self-declaration forms and protocols, the module covers an array of features.
  • Communication & Welfare: The digital campus uses various technologies to enhance communication between parents, staff, students, faculty, among other stakeholders. This involves building a digital platform where clubs can be created, events are managed, students can share campus news and updates and parents receive real-time notifications from the campus administration.


To run your institutional operations much faster, more efficiently, with far less human error, and a unified communication layer, the CollPoll app offers an array of integrations.


Digital Campus To Deliver Better Student Experience


Digital Campus To Deliver Better Student Experience

The ease of operations and availability of entire academic and non-academic activities on a single online platform boosts student engagement, reduces the workload for staff and administrators, and enhances user experience. Thus, it is critical for higher educational institutions who are yet not accustomed to using technology daily to adopt one and provide a smart digital experience.

If you want your campus to be digital too, contact us!