Introducing CollPoll’s Latest Product Updates

CollPoll Latest Product Updates

The last month was full of introducing new updates, upgrading to the latest technology, and fixing bugs for the betterment of products. While digital learning platforms faced up-to-the-minute challenges, CollPoll managed to deliver a lot of new, exciting product features and services for students, administrators, faculty, and staff!

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The Admission Form is now on our Mobile App (Android/iOS)


CollPoll Admission Form for Android & iOS


In addition to offering admission forms on the Web, Admins can now offer the same on Android and iOS as well. Enhance the student experience by upgrading the admission form to enable them to perform required actions from their mobile devices. Add as many categories into the admission form as desired. Admissions on the go!

Manually Settle Outstanding Fee Payments


Manually settle payments


We are now bringing in more flexibility for finance admins by enabling them to view old fee plans and dues, configure the order of settlement and manually settle outstanding payments and dues. Settle Fee Payments with ease!

Bulk Creation of Courses in Structure


CollPoll Bulk Creation of Courses


We bring to Admins the upgraded features for managing data! You can now save both of your time and efforts by uploading courses in bulk to the academic department in the Structure, with an option to edit and upload the CSV file available on CollPoll.

Manual Activation of Additional Courses


CollPoll Manual Activation of Courses


Excited to share manual activation of courses. Academic Administrators can now consistently amplify learning experiences by manually activating and offering additional courses to students, beyond the regular curriculum. Additionally, you can support students to clear their backlogs by enrolling in these courses.

Super Flexible Course Registration Process


CollPoll Super Flexible Course Registration


We revamped our Course Registration feature! Empowering academic administrators to easily manage course registration processes by delivering an array of additional functionalities. Moreover, mentioning Pre and Post Registration Dates have been made optional. 

Class “Attendance Taken” Analytics with Date Range


CollPoll Class Attendance Analytics


Enabling Institutions’ management and administrators to access “attendance taken by faculty” analytics effortlessly by comparing student data on a single screen and tracking it on a timely basis, with a feature to set specific time periods and download the reports for comparison.

Online Quiz Version 3.0


CollPoll Quiz 3.0


CollPoll Introduces Version 3.0 Of Online Quiz For HEIs 

Providing students with an enhanced and much more seamless experience of taking online quizzes by introducing new features – Addition of Revisit Button, Quiz Progress Visibility, Additional Options to Explore the Quiz Questions, Resubmit Option, Auto Submission of Quiz, Bulk Upload Quiz in AIKEN Format, and more. Additionally, enabling faculty to have complete access to the quizzes records of each student, leaving no scope for any confusion on what was actually submitted and what is being graded.

View Previous Terms’ Class Data and Resources


CollPoll: View Previous Terms' Class Data


We have updated the CollPoll Learning Management System module! Now you can promote academic efficacy by enabling faculty to access multiple resources and data of previous terms while delivering an array of functionalities.

Resource Deletion Inside the Classroom with Audit Logs


CollPoll boost faculty experience


Boosting faculty experience by enabling them to delete learning resources inside the classroom which are not needed (even session-wise), along with Audit Logs to track the trail of activity.

Schedule Assignments inside the Classroom in Advance


CollPoll Schedule Assignments in Advance


Enhancing the faculty experience by saving their time and effort and enabling them to schedule assignments inside the classroom in advance. Also, faculty can now focus on improving student learning skills by making the assignments available on time!

As you work on delivering an excellent digital learning experience in your institution, CollPoll will work to offer products that meet the needs of students and staff while using the latest technology. Keep watching this space for the upcoming updates and features!

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