Automate Business Workflows for a Paperless, Cashless and Contactless Smart Campus


Over the past few years, the higher education sector has grown more competitive, and 86% of higher ed leaders expect the competition to continue to increase. There is a surge of new courses and degrees being offered across the curriculum in fields such as industrial automation, data science, and business process management. However, automation of campus workflows often goes unnoticed when upgrading day-to-day operations at universities.

CollPoll’s business workflow automation software reduces the time, effort, and errors associated with manual processes, enabling higher education institutions to deliver outstanding student learning experiences. It simplifies a series of tasks by defining and automating the effective task approach. Thus, providing a paperless, cashless, and contactless campus.

Challenges With Manual Workflows in Higher Education Institutions

The success of an institution depends on effective collaboration and communication between individuals and departments, both internally and externally. However, colleges and universities might face many challenges while manually doing so, including grievance redressal and managing approvals, among others.


CollPoll's Centralized Campus Help Center Module


Following are the challenges at an institution due to manual and paper-based workflows:

  • Reduced administrative productivity
  • Data security threat
  • A lack of efficiency in administration
  • Frequent errors in data and records
  • Compliance risks
  • A greater need for infrastructure
  • Limited flexibility for students
  • Poor student experience
  • Higher Costs due to no data intelligence


Administrators, in particular, are burdened with a lot of work, spending a lot of time completing forms, sending emails, and making telephone calls. While automation can significantly eliminate some of the biggest issues faced by higher education institutions, including overproduction (spending too many hours on a single task), manual intervention, and repeated work.

Automate Campus Workflows With CollPoll

Automate Campus Workflows With CollPoll


CollPoll’s Campus Help Center allows administrators to automate 1000+ campus workflows, manage and track students’ requests for different services, and much more. Additionally, it gives them the flexibility to define and take complete control of the audience, quicker collaboration, and more. Here are the services that can benefit your institution and enhance the teaching-learning experience:

  • Request, Manage, and Track Approvals

With CollPoll’s Campus Help Centre Module, higher education institutions can easily track and manage leaves, applications, approvals, and no-dues. This includes everything from faculty and staff leaves to gate passes and hostel approvals, and much more.


Gate Pass Approval via IVR Integration


At CollPoll, we use Exotel to simplify gate pass workflows, gain better visibility, and enhance the student experience. The platform helps in sharing consolidated information, improves tracking, delivers real-time alerts, and increases campus administration’s productivity.

  • Resolve Grievances & Complaints Effortlessly

CollPoll’s revolutionary online grievance handling mechanism aims at minimising instances of complaints in institutions through effective tracking and monitoring of grievances ensuring prompt redressal. The concerned stakeholders can raise complaints against ragging and sexual harassment.

  • Address Mental Health Issues

Prioritizing mental health at the campus is essential to enhance student well-being. CollPoll helps higher education institutions to deal with the arising mental health issues by providing access to the required mental health resources and allowing students to have counselling sessions.

Moreover, CollPoll’s Digital Wellness Center for higher educational institutions builds a culture of well-being to tackle mental health issues and provide a safe space for students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

  • Issue Online Transcripts & Certificates

Workflow automation helps institutions to streamline campus operations including the issuance of certificates such as bonafide, residential, character certificates, etc., request transcripts and other academic documents, re-issue ID cards, and get access to sports goods and laboratory equipment.

  • Manage Service Requests & Bookings

Service requests often involve several departments. However, by integrating CollPoll’s Campus Help Centre module, administrators and campus IT teams can easily manage stationary requests, facility management, campus facilities, and various services related to the hostel and mess/canteen. 

Moreover, it also simplifies managing IT-related complaints like connectivity issues, laptop damage, etc. via a single dashboard.

Benefits of Automating Campus Workflows

Streamlining educational operations is critical to providing quality education. And a strong and streamlined process is essential to the success of any educational institution. The workflow automation brings accuracy, accountability and several other benefits to higher education institutions:

1. Time-saving Processes

Campus administrators spend too much time and effort on repetitive manual tasks, which deter them from working productively. Whereas, by automating accounting rework, human error-fixing can be eliminated. Using campus workflow automation software, you can ditch monotonous tasks and instead focus on delivering better learning experiences.

2. Fewer Errors

CollPoll’s Campus Help Centre allows you to avoid any chance of error by tracking all the campus processes from end to end and performing all tasks on a digital platform that requires less manual intervention. Additionally, eliminating any errors caused by manually entering data from paper forms or transferring information from one system to another.

3. Boost Administrative Efficiency

Higher education institutions have to coordinate numerous departments and manage several batches every year and the paper-based processes can be tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. However, with workflow automation software, institutions can enhance the productivity of the administrative staff, free the faculty from chasing after the paperwork so they can focus on high-value activities, and ensure the timely processing of tasks.


Implement CollPoll’s Campus Help Centre


4. Centralized Approvals

The workflow automation process simplifies and expedites the process of approving student requests, campus events, gate passes, hostel leaves, staff leaves, and IT requests. CollPoll offers a self-service portal where anyone can raise a request which goes directly to the relevant authorities and manage services like issuing academic certificates or transcripts, and raising service requests among others.

5. Cashless & Paperless Campus

The digitally advanced generation conducts all their transactions online. Thus, transforming your campus and making a truly cashless campus is something they require. With the right technology, all the receipts and invoices are automatically generated and can be shared with the students with just a few clicks!

Summing It Up!

Institutions must execute extensive software to perform all the campus operations on a single dashboard. This helps them in effectively handling their everyday responsibilities and permits much better synchronisation with various other divisions within the institution.

CollPoll’s Campus Help Center introduces numerous benefits of automation in education. Thus, allowing the administration and faculties to focus on their main motive – the growth of students in the right direction by delivering better educational opportunities.

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