CollPoll Automates Institutions’ Gate Pass Approval Process Using Exotel’s IVR

CollPoll automates Institutions' Gate Pass Approval Process using Exotel's IVR

The security of students is one of the primary concerns for educational institutions. Along with quality education, parents usually expect that their children are safe on college campuses. However, the system is heavily flawed, as the manual work for gate pass approvals and tracking could be hectic and a paper-based system can be manipulated easily.

Hostel facilities in higher educational institutions are managed in a labor-intensive environment with manual paperwork and time-consuming processes. This results in poor resource utilization and also impacts the overall efficiency of the academic institutions. The system of managing and administering student entry and exit within the campus can be tedious if relied on manual verification and processes.

With CollPoll’s Campus Help Centre, universities can easily automate the gate pass workflows and approvals to get the work done in the least possible time. Recently, CollPoll integrated Exotel’s IVR system to maximize the efficiency of its gate pass feature.


CollPoll automates Institutions' Gate Pass Approval Process using Exotel's IVR


How Does the IVR Integration in Gate Pass Process Work?

CollPoll works to automate gate pass workflows to reduce administrative workload and enhance the student experience as well as boost parents’ confidence about their child’s safety. Here’s how the process goes:

  • Respective administrative staff adds parent details to the student management system.
  • The student can open the portal, accesses the gate passes, and add the reason for the visit & campus exit/entry date and timings.
  • After the request is raised, an automated text/call is triggered to the parent.
  • If the parent approves the request, it then goes to the warden, and later to the campus security.
  • If the first call triggered to the parent is not picked up, the student can either choose to call their mother / or send a confirmation SMS to the mother/father. (If denied/not approved, the request is rejected)
  • The cycle closes when a student comes back to the campus

Admin has the option to configure the rules as per the norms of the institution and requirements of the students such as timings to enter and exit the campus, flow of approval etc.

Benefits of Automated Gate Pass Approval via IVR Integration

  • Live Reporting:

All students’ or visitors’ data including details like name, the purpose of visit, and the amount of time they are going to spend outside the campus / on the campus premises, can be accessed and downloaded in real-time.

  • Easy Reporting:

Retrieving information of a visitor usually takes hours in a traditional system. On the other hand, CollPoll’s campus help centre can significantly reduce the retrieving time to a few minutes.

  • Enhanced Student Experience:

Compared to the traditional gate pass management system, an IVR integrated system is more accurate, as there is less/no scope for wrong entries.

  • Boosts Parents’ Confidence:

The first thing parents expect from their children’s university/college is their safety. An IVR integrated gate pass management system ensures that students are safe within as well as outside the campus, report on time, and do not leave the premises without their parents’ consent.

At CollPoll, we use Exotel to simplify gate pass workflows, gain better visibility, and enhance the student experience. The platform helps in sharing consolidated information, improves tracking, delivers real-time alerts, and increases campus administration’s productivity.

If you are looking to opt for an IVR Integrated Gate Pass Management System for your institution, contact us now!