The Remarkable Journey of Shazil Ahmed, AVP for Customer Success at CollPoll

The Remarkable Journey of Shazil Ahmed, AVP for Customer Success at CollPoll

As our valued team member, Shazil Ahmed, AVP for Customer Success reaches his one-year anniversary with CollPoll, we can’t help but take a moment to reflect on his outstanding contributions and growth. From day one, Shazil has brought an unparalleled level of dedication and enthusiasm to his role, and his impact has been felt across the entire organization. 

As we look back on the past year, we are proud to have Shazil Ahmed as a part of our team and excited for all they will accomplish in the years to come. Join us in celebrating this milestone and recognising their incredible achievements.

About Shazil!

Shazil joined CollPoll in April 2022 as the AVP for Customer Success and has worked for a year now. Having played different roles throughout his career in various verticals, Shazil has led an inspiring journey. His firm determination, strong work ethic, and dedication have always guided the teams to success, and his passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences has inspired those around him.


Team CollPoll at Bangalore Office!

Team CollPoll at Bangalore Office!


On a personal front, Shazil loves to write poems, engage in martial arts and is a fitness enthusiast. From digging into new policies to learning new things every day at work, he definitely holds an interesting story!


Please Tell Us Something About Your 16+ Years of Work Experience

Over the course of 5 years at Dell, a global tech company, I transitioned from customer support to data analytics and eventually into Learning and Development. During my time there, I gained experience in the EdTech space by designing e-content and collaborating on internal team curriculums.

After a career break to start my own restaurant, I joined Lenovo in 2012 as a Senior Analyst on the eCommerce team. I eventually became the operations head for 19 countries and established programs like Mentor Connect to help aspiring individuals in eCommerce and the ‘formula of the day’ to empower high-performing teams. In addition, I managed the four key elements of eCommerce: product, price, place, and promotion.

I have led projects with the Higher Education Department of the Karnataka government and worked alongside IAS officers and educational experts. I later conducted research on the EdTech sector at Tracxn and became the CTO of BEST Innovation University before being appointed as the youngest registrar in the country. Throughout my career, I have effectively managed various aspects including marketing, finance, academic structure, and technology.

I was eager to join a startup and work with passionate teams when I discovered CollPoll. Impressed by their product’s feedback in the higher education sector, the team, and founder Hemant Sahal‘s values, I knew I wanted to be part of the company. With my experience in education, startups, and large enterprises, I was confident in helping CollPoll achieve its goals.


“CollPoll is like my own personal firm that I am building, and I would love to see it grow into a global venture,” says Shazil Ahmed


Please Brief Us About Your Role at CollPoll

My responsibility at CollPoll involves fostering and maintaining relationships with partner institutions. I hold the position of heading the company’s growth and partnerships in East India, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and certain regions of South India. My objective is to drive the digitization of a minimum of 1000 higher education institutions by 2024.

Whenever I engage with leaders from our partner institutions, my primary aim is to generate effective case studies and assist them in maximising the potential of the platform.

In addition, my role at CollPoll involves promoting a culture of collaboration, establishing critical partnerships, and facilitating a continuous cycle of innovation.


Team CollPoll at Offsite Trip to Coorg!

Team CollPoll at Offsite Trip to Coorg!


How Has the Last 1 Year’s Journey at CollPoll Been for You?

The past year went by quickly, but it was an incredible learning experience working with an exceptional and supportive team. It is uncommon to come across organizations that have a team culture that is as passionate about their work as CollPoll’s. Their enthusiasm for accomplishing tasks is clearly visible in everything they do. My year here offered opportunities for collaboration, learning, and insightful discussions, all while still having ample time to spend with my family. Hemant has been a tremendous inspiration with his honesty and hard work, and I’ve learned a lot from his values and approach to managing the team.

Additionally, I started capturing campus stories and writing registrar reviews that received positive responses from top academic leaders and policymakers.


How Often Do You Travel for Work and What’s the Purpose?

My work involves frequent travel, with the primary purpose of building and nurturing strong relationships with our partner institutions. I strive to ensure that they feel valued and empowered to fully use the potential that CollPoll offers.


The Best Moments You Had on This Journey

Working at CollPoll has provided me with some incredible experiences, such as a memorable trip to Sikkim with Kunal Deep, the VP of Customer Success. During our visit, one of our partner institutions organized a trip to Nathula Pass, where I had the amusing opportunity to throw snowballs at China from the India-China border.


Shazil Ahmed with Kunal Deep at Nathu La Pass!

Shazil Ahmed with Kunal Deep at Nathu La Pass!


One such memory is – during a conference in Mumbai, I had the opportunity to establish a positive relationship with Major General B.D. Wadhwa, Pro-Chancellor of IILM University. Our shared passion for poetry and the Indian Army has helped to strengthen our connection.


What is Your Vision for CollPoll?

My vision for CollPoll is to revolutionize the field of education by digitalizing a significant number of higher education institutions, while maintaining a strong culture of collaboration and fostering strategic partnerships to drive growth and attract top talent. I aim to establish a robust innovation cycle that keeps us ahead of the curve, and to create successful case studies from partner institutions, helping them make full use of our platform’s potential.


From Being a Black Belt to Writing Poems and Addressing TEDx Conferences, You’re a Box Full of Surprises. Please Let Us Know More About You.

Aside from my work, I have a passion for superheroes and enjoy exploring their stories. As a fitness enthusiast, I focus more on martial arts than on traditional gym workouts, practising at least one move daily to maintain my skills. I’m also enthusiastic about researching policies, technologies, and innovative pedagogies that impact our industry. In my spare time, I enjoy writing observational poetry and articles.


The Remarkable Journey of Shazil Ahmed, AVP for Customer Success at CollPoll - Poem


Shazil’s consistent hard work and analytical approach have consistently delivered outstanding results for CollPoll. We appreciate his dedication and wish him continued growth and success in the future.

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