Celebrating the contributions of teachers everywhere


It is no secret that a good teacher has the power to transform lives. Educators play one of the most critical roles in the progress of society. They are the guides for the next generation of scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and leaders. On September 5th, we at CollPoll, are honoured to pay tribute to the countless of teachers across India for their service and significant contributions towards the betterment of humanity.  

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The legacy of Dr. Radhakrishnan

Despite the fact Teachers’ Day across the world is observed on October 5th, in India, it is celebrated on September 5th. In addition to honouring teachers, the day also commemorates Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was India’s first Vice President and the second President. An influential thinker, visionary, and teacher, he selflessly dedicated his life towards education and scholarship.

It is said that when Dr. Radhakrishnan became the President of India, some of his former students wanted to celebrate his birthday. A thoughtful and humble man, he requested that they celebrate all teachers instead. And that’s why, since 1962, his birth anniversary has also become the day we honour teachers.

Dr. Radhakrishnan

Dr. Radhakrishnan

CollPoll’s commitment to advancing education

At CollPoll, we know that education forms the bedrock for a bright future. It’s with this belief, that we work with top institutions across the board to develop a technological platform that is intuitive, comprehensive and caters to the unique needs of educators. Our platform has been designed to augment academic delivery and ultimately be an ally to educators. Teachers that use CollPoll, can grade assignments, track student attendance, plan lessons in advance, engage with students and do so much more – all from the comfort of their laptops or phones. They are facilitators of change in the society and we are here to support them in every way possible.

On Teachers’ Day, Hemant Sahal, CEO and Founder of CollPoll, fondly paid tribute to teachers by noting, “Teachers are so much more than educators – they inspire us to dream, ignite hope within us and push us to realise our potential. On this day and every day, we at CollPoll, celebrate teachers and remain grateful to their tireless service to humanity.”