Features of Student Information Management System

Features of Student Information Management System

An effective Student Information Management System tracks and manages all the data created by the institution and also shares comprehensive data that includes – student’s registration information, admission detail, fees payment status, hostel billing, scholarships or any other financial aid provision, etc. with faculty, students and parents. Thus, making the entire process of students’ enrollment quick, systematic & error-free. Moreover, the students’ entire information can be saved at a centralised location & role-based login access can be given to all the stakeholders for ensuring 100% student data security.

Well, before making a necessary purchase of any student information management system, it is essential to be thorough with its features! After all, you need to ensure it aligns with your goals.

What is a Student Information Management System?

A student information management system (SIS) is a digital solution for all your managing problems. You can centralise and manage students’ data like their performance, grades, attendance, interpersonal records, etc.

With the help of a student management system, you can streamline your administrative and academic activities error-free!

12 Effective Features of Student Information Management System

The main purpose of an SIS is to streamline major activities like student information and make it accessible to teachers, higher education campus leaders, students, faculty, and academicians so that they have accurate data in their hands whenever they need it.

Managing an educational institute needs you to be extremely good at planning. An SIS will help you in automating your planning process effortlessly.

Here are other features that every SIS offers:

  1. Cloud-enabled Platform
  2. Managing costs and improving efficiency with a cloud-hosted ERP is helpful for educational institutions to organise and store data. This is necessary to save time, reduce huge investments and optimise resources.

    A student management system gives you a flexible option to configure and personalise your managing experience.

  3. Student Data Maintenance
  4. An SIS provides you with complete data insights. You can look at your dashboard and configure your reports on student grades, outcomes, performance, schedules, fees, and events. This can help you make critical decisions more effectively.

  5. Student Details
  6. A student information management system also has a comprehensive dashboard with a single view of student details. In this feature, you get a complete student portfolio and details about their enrollment, assessments, course registration, library, research, publications, etc.

    Moreover, you can sync their transcripts, degree path, promotions, report cards and graduations.

  7. Admission Management
  8. The student data management system automates the entire admission process. It helps you get rid of the tedious process of manually handling the admission process. Right from enquires to applications and enrollment process, an SIS automates the entire process!

  9. Attendance Tracking
  10. Maintaining student attendance is simpler than ever! Generate reports for your stakeholders and securely track student attendance. This will also minimise proxies and the hefty paperwork. Moreover, a student database management system sends instant SMS and email alerts to the student’s parents. This helps them keep track of their child’s performance.

  11. Grades Automation
  12. Gradebook automation helps faculty, parents and students track their grades. Moreover, the stakeholders can edit, maintain and send transcripts and grades within a few clicks. This serves convenience to the students and alumni.

    It also has a customisation feature to configure every time you use a number grading system.

  13. Assessment Execution
  14. Most SIS come with the integrated assessment feature. Here, you can effortlessly plan, design, create and execute all assessments like quizzes, MCQs, assignments, etc. They’ve got the options to conduct anonymous online tests, create templates and questions, grade students, prevent backtracking and set time limits!

  15. Student Discipline Record Maintenance
  16. Maintaining discipline within the higher education campuses is hard. Adapting a student database management system is a great way to take care of the disciplinary issues and generate actions to compare, analyse, and report discipline across the departments.

    Moreover, you can keep the parents informed about their child’s discipline, academic achievements and co-curricular activities.

  17. Course History Tracking
  18. An SIS gives the students a role-based dashboard that allows a clear look at their current and past courses, academic progress, grades, and GPA. Their admission, syllabus, fees, and course requirements are indexed for your ease.

  19. End-user Reports Delivery
  20. One of the most crucial features of a student information management system is its built-in reporting analysis feature. You get a complete lookup on a student’s lifecycle for making necessary decisions!

    Furthermore, your team can use this feature to report a student’s accreditation status and other hoc analyses.

  21. Alerts and Notifications
  22. With this feature, you can send mass notifications or individual messages to the students. Don’t let your students miss any important updates or announcements anymore!

  23. Timetable Management
  24. Managing the timetable of students in higher education institutions is a challenging task. If your students get to pick their subjects based on their interests, the challenge is to create a timetable so that none of the subject clashes arises.

    Here’s when timetable management from a student database management system comes in handy! Making and sharing a timetable with the students becomes more manageable.


Picking the right SIS is important for the smooth functioning of any educational institution. To get started with yours, you can visit us!

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