KK Modi University Collaborates with CollPoll Platform


This story is part of an ongoing series exploring how education institutions are adopting digital learning and campus automation during the Covid-19 crisis. We are covering a wide-range of institutions to provide best practices and inspiration that other institutions can use to their benefit.

KK Modi educational group has an expertise in delivering International curriculum using blended mode of teaching and learning for the past 17 years. In the post – COVID situation, expertise of this kind is good to have and we already have an edge over most of the universities, who are only now adopting online learning. Hence, the base benchmark for KKMU is set already and it can only go above from here.

Adding to this, KKMU’s collaboration with CollPoll platform has enhanced the overall experience by bringing in new features and an extremely user friendly system which can be easily accessed from anywhere any time.

Here are a few highlights from KKMU’s technology stack:


Our admission process is completely digitized so that the students experience a technology-enabled environment from day one. From the very start be it student enquiry or the subsequent steps of filling admission form or making payments the whole process is performed on our digital platform. Our internal teams can meticulously track and manage application progress of each student via a central console. Once students are accepted, they can use KKMU CollPoll’s user-friendly mobile apps to interact with university officials and even peers.


Our endeavor is to ensure that our faculty members’ maximum time is spent on teaching and research activities. To achieve this goal, we have well-planned academic management processes to handle course catalog for student registration, curriculum management and time-table creation. We have been following outcome-based education model where course outcomes and syllabus among other key course elements are planned scientifically and tracked throughout the academic delivery. At the end of the term, we measure course outcome attainment to ensure academic excellence.

Also, our faculty members can record class attendance using their mobile app even without internet.


Ms. Charu Modi Chancellor – KK Modi University

“Today’s generation of students are highly empowered with technology in their personal lives. There is no other option but to provide them a university environment which is equally tech-enabled. Once a university adopts technology in the right way, I don’t think they will ever go back. And I am fully convinced that it is good for all of us.”


We at KKMU inspire and support innovative learning and teaching. We promote and evaluate new pedagogical tools and instructional strategies that strengthen learning and teaching excellence, be it 60% practical learning (inverted classroom) which includes group project, group activity, HBS case study, lab assignment and moodle discussion or supporting the faculty members who are well equipped and highly trained in blended learning.

Added to this, we continuously develop and update our programs with inputs from reputed industry leaders such as Harvard, IBM, upGrad, Microsoft. We thus ensure a collaborative environment in which every student can make the most of every precious opportunity to learn and have access to technology from today’s top employers.

Faculty members have the flexibility to plan their courses into in-class sessions, pre-recorded videos and live online classes. They build their lesson plans and upload resources in the form of readings, case studies, e-books. Students can engage with their teachers using either the discussion forums or get into a one-on-one chat.

Course progress and student engagement on LMS is closely monitored via dashboards.


As we have a student-centric approach, planning the sequence, mode and weightage of each assessment logically plays an important role. We keep a healthy balance of in-class faculty-driven assessments, projects and centralized term-end examinations.

A student portfolio is maintained to capture data like projects, internships, awards & accomplishments and courses from e-learning platforms, among others to keep a track of holistic development of the students.


KKMU is built on a strong foundation of industry partnerships. We plan to provide multiple internships across the tenure of the students to let them get exposure to industry environment and learn by doing. Our placement management system lets us create and share opportunities with the students on a click of a button. Complete career services process is facilitated on a single console accessible through mobile app.


It is rightly said that hostel life is among the most thrilling and adventurous experience of student life. A substantial amount of personality development happens when students live closely with peers from diverse economic, cultural and social backgrounds. To facilitate this growth, KKMU hostels are well-equipped with technology. Furthermore, all our service requests, applications, approvals, bookings and grievances are automated and now even better integrated with the CollPoll portal making us a paperless and cashless campus when it comes to its operations.

We believe data drives decisions and have therefore invested heavily in technology for more accountability and transparency of all our processes.