Interview with Dr. Tabassum Ara: The Importance of Digital Transformation for Higher Education Institutions

Interview with Dr. Tabassum Ara: The Importance of Digital Transformation for Higher Education Institutions

At CollPoll we aim at helping and guiding institutions through the experience, opinions, and advice of academic thought leaders. In this candid chat with the CollPoll team, Dr. Tabassum Ara, the Principal at HKBK College of Engineering, shares her thoughts about the importance of digital transformation for the higher education system and strategies for becoming a successful institution.

Dr. Tabassum Ara holds 24+ years of rich experience in teaching, training, and research. As the Principal of HKBK College of Engineering, she has been providing strategic direction and vision to the institution since 2021.


Dr. Tabassum Ara shares her views on the importance of digital transformation in HEIs and the implementation of CollPoll to enhance the campus experience.


Q. Can you please throw some light on the importance of digital transformation in higher education institutions?

There has been a huge paradigm shift in the education system due to digital transformation. Institutions need technological tools that can be effectively adopted by students, faculty, and all the other stakeholders. The reason is – technology plays a vital role in the enhancement of the education system. From the enrolment of students on the campus to their placement, we can easily automate all the processes through technology.

Most institutions today collaborate with universities and colleges both nationally and on a global level. Technology can definitely make this process much simpler and seamless. Furthermore, it also improves the teaching and learning experience.

Q. What steps are been taken at HKBK College of Engineering to boost digital transformation and what is the vision of the institution going forward?

At HKBK College of Engineering, we are very active in the adoption and implementation of the New Education Policy 2020. We encourage experiential learning for students to learn through practical experiences and practice. The institution has also upgraded the syllabus to offer courses with integrated lab-component. In addition to this, we offer an array of value-added courses that bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Moreover, we have MOUs with various industries and educational organizations that help students and faculty to upskill through student and faculty development programs, internships, and online projects.

Q. How has the experience of HKBK College of Engineering been with CollPoll?

CollPoll has successfully implemented technology at all levels of HKBK College of Engineering. The platform has automated all the campus processes including student enrollment, fee payment, attendance management, classes, examinations, quizzes, assignments, and more.

We appreciate the efforts of CollPoll and encourage the changes brought by an array of modules in technologically advancing the campus.


Thank You Dr. Tabassum Ara for such a wonderful conversation, we look forward to having you again!

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