Father’s Day Reflections: Captivating Stories of Fatherhood

Father's Day Reflections: Captivating Stories of Fathers and Fatherhood

Father’s Day holds a significant place in our hearts as it gives us an opportunity to pay tribute and express gratitude to the remarkable fathers in our lives. At CollPoll, we deeply acknowledge the significance of family and the invaluable role that fathers play in shaping who we are today!

We would like to share with you some heartwarming stories of our team members and the profound impact their fathers have had on their personal and professional journeys. These stories serve as a reminder of the profound love, support, and guidance fathers provide.


Shazil Ahmed, AVP of Customer Success


Father's Day Reflections: Shazil Ahmed, AVP


“Being a father has made me feel whole in ways I never imagined. My two sons make me feel loved, needed, and cherished, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have them in my life.

The bond I had with my father was absolutely unique, and it is something I will cherish forever. He was the one person I opened up to and shared my deepest secrets with, which made our father-son bond even more precious. Thinking about Dad makes me feel a combination of emotions such as the desire for the time when he was here, but also appreciation for all the great experiences we spent together. Looking back, I can see how our friendship was founded on true love, trust, and respect.

Having my sons in my life has brought back memories of my father and me, and I hope to pass on that love and support to them as well. I look forward to seeing how our interactions develop in the coming years. I’m thankful for the love I’ve shared with my father and my two sons; it’s the greatest delight in life.”


Sanjeev Gupta, Founding Member & Design Leader


Father's Day Reflections: Sanjeev Gupta, Design Lead


“I have a son named Darsh, and it’s both heartwarming and emotional when he sees my photo on the phone or hears a song about fathers, like “Papa Mere Papa” or any other father-themed tune. His emotions overflow, and he bursts into tears, seeking comfort in my embrace. It’s incredible to witness the depth of love children possess and how pure their hearts are. 

Being a father has taught me invaluable lessons as I witness Darsh’s unique way of communicating and interacting with the world. His every expression and interaction is a source of joy and wonder. I am truly grateful for everything he brings into my life.”


Arya Deshmukh, Associate Product Manager


Father's Day Reflections: Arya Deshmukh, APM


“An amusing incident unfolded when my dad visited me for the first time in Bangalore. Growing up, I had always known my dad to be fearless and compassionate towards all creatures, big and small. He would effortlessly interact with animals, birds, and critters without a trace of fear. In fact, he was so empathetic that he wouldn’t even let me harm cockroaches or spiders! During his visit, we decided to explore the renowned Bannerghatta National Park, known for its diverse wildlife. As animal enthusiasts, we were both excited about the adventure. However, our escapade took an unexpected turn when we entered Butterfly Park within the premises.

To our surprise, the park was filled with countless caterpillars, peacefully going about their business. That’s when I noticed something I had never seen before—a look of sheer terror on my dad’s face. It was as if he had transformed into an eight-year-old child, frightened by these harmless creatures. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of my dad’s unexpected phobia. It was a side of him I had never witnessed before—a vulnerable and comical moment that brought us closer together. 

Despite his love for animals, those tiny caterpillars managed to strike fear into his heart. From that day on, whenever the topic of caterpillars comes up, we share a good laugh, reminiscing about that unforgettable day at Butterfly Park. It’s a delightful memory that reminds me of the unique quirks and surprises that make my dad all the more endearing.”


Kunal Deep, VP of Customer Success


Father's Day Reflections: Kunal Deep, VP


“My father serves as an exceptional role model in my life. He is always full of life & gives us positivity even in adversity. The way he has always supported us in all our endeavors is unparalleled and something for us to learn and implement in our life for our kids. I have never seen him down even though he is battling one of the hardest battles in terms of his health over a long time now. I hope I can become like him one day and be as good a father as he is!”


Rajendra Singh, Senior Business Leader


Father's Day Reflections: Rajendra Singh, Sr. Business Leader


“On this Father’s Day, I want to share a heartwarming anecdote about my father’s wisdom and guidance. One sunny afternoon, while sitting at home, he shared two invaluable lessons with me. First, don’t be weak enough for anyone to suppress you, and don’t be too hard for anyone to break you. 

Life can be tough, he said.

However, being strong doesn’t mean being rigid. Finding a delicate balance between strength and flexibility is essential. My father shared personal stories of resilience and learning to adapt and grow. His guidance shaped my understanding of strength and taught me the importance of being open to change. 

My life became a testament to my father’s wisdom. I achieved success in my career and fostered love, compassion, and resilience within my family. As we celebrate Father’s Day, let us cherish and honour the profound lessons our fathers pass down to us. May we find the strength to stand tall and the wisdom to adapt, knowing that our actions have the power to shape our lives in extraordinary ways!”


Akshay Awasthi, Senior Product Engineer II


Father's Day Reflections: Akshay Awasthi, Senior Product Engineer II


“Every day holds significance when you’re a father, but let me begin my story from the perspective of being a son.

My father, a farmer with a post-graduate degree from the 70s era, had the opportunity to secure a prestigious job in the government sector. However, he recognized the value of education and co-founded a school where approximately 60% of the students receive free education, embodying his commitment to providing knowledge to as many people as possible.

One of the highlights of my relationship with my dad is our shared passion for chess. As a child, although it seemed impossible for me to beat my father in chess, he would intentionally lose at times just to make me happy. Reflecting on that moment now, I truly understand the depth of a father’s love and willingness to sacrifice. It’s something you fully grasp only when you become a father yourself.

Throughout my life, my father has never imposed his decisions on me, whether it was choosing an entrepreneurial career or selecting my life partner. It is through such experiences that I have come to understand the depth of his love. This realization fully dawned on me when I became a father myself.

I distinctly recall the moment my son was born. He cried uncontrollably, lying in a glass cubicle. I touched his back gently and said, “Beta, papa yahi hai, rote nahi hai” (Son, dad is here, don’t cry). To everyone’s surprise, he immediately stopped crying, comforted by my touch. It was a profound moment that made me realize the depths of love and protection a father feels for his child. I understood that I would do anything to ensure his happiness.

Nowadays, my father enjoys his retirement while my own child is just four months old. It brings immense joy to see my son playing with my father. It warms my heart to know that my son’s favorite person is not his mother or me, but his grandfather. This realization fills me with happiness and contentment.


As a token of gratitude, the first gift I presented to my father was a wooden magnetic chessboard, purchased from the earnings of my startup.”


Father's Day Reflections: Captivating Stories of Fathers and Fatherhood


Whether it’s the gentle guidance of a father’s hand, the comforting presence during life’s challenges, or the joyful moments shared in laughter and adventure, fathers leave an indelible mark on our lives.


CollPoll wishes a very Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible fathers!