With CollPoll, Mess Management Is Anything But a Mess

With Collpoll, Mess Management Is Anything but a Mess

The mark of a world-class institution does not just lie with excellence in academic delivery – it’s also in ensuring superlative services for students in all aspects of campus life. And, one of the most critical services that any institution provides is the mess/canteen services. Unfortunately, it is also one that often comes under negative scrutiny by students.

So, how does a top institution stop making a mess out of mess management?

The easiest solution lies in adopting the CollPoll Mess Management system. We have designed a system that seamlessly facilitates a hassle-free dining experience. We worked closely with our partner institutions to understand just where they were falling short and we fixed those gaps with our digital solutions. In short, we automated all canteen-related activities such as mess allotment, menu display, meal coupon generation, meal tracking and more.

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How CollPoll Mess Management Optimises Mess Operations

Mess Allotment

One of the major problems that large institutions face is that thousands of students every semester have to be mapped to various canteen/mess facilities within the campus. These institutions don’t have just one mess that all students use – they have several. And with new students streaming in every year, it can become a logistic nightmare. With CollPoll, institutions can map students to specific food halls on campus with assistance from our team. It’s that simple.

Menu Display

The day’s menu for all meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks etc.) gets automatically displayed on the user’s homepage. Students will be able to check out the day’s menu for their allotted mess from the convenience of their phones.

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Meal Coupon Generation

Tracking meals and real-time consumption can become a major problem for institutions. However, CollPoll generates a unique meal coupon code every meal. These codes are unique to each student. For a student to avail that day’s meal, they will have to input this code onto a digital kiosk within mess premises. This way an institution can hold all stakeholders accountable and track consumption with ease.

Canteen/Mess Reports

Admins have access to the Mess dashboard which provides you real-time data on the total number of meals that have been availed as well as information of meals availed within the month, week and day. In addition, they can also download accurate reports with actionable insights instantly. This way they can study patterns, trends and optimise resources accordingly.

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The CollPoll Advantage

With CollPoll institutions get an end-to-end solution can be easily deployed and delivers key advantages. Institutions can:

  • Streamline all services under mess management and provide fast and efficient services to all stakeholders.

  • Track mess/canteen usage in real-time.

  • Download reports on mess usage to optimise resources in addition to decreasing food wastage.

  • Minimise day-to-day operational costs and facilitate error-free functioning.

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