Association of Indian Universities and Its Objectives

Association of Indian Universities

Everything About Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

On March 23, 1925, the Inter-University Board (IUB) of India was established as an Apex organisation. The aim was to protect the interest of students and universities by bringing all the Indian universities together on a common platform under the supervision of a coordinating body. Another objective was to promote different university activities by sharing information and increasing cooperation in education, cultural, and allied areas.

After its registration under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, IUB acquired legal status. In 1973, it was renamed as Association of Indian Universities or AIU. It offers a common forum for academicians and administrators of member universities where they can exchange views and discuss more pressing issues. Since its inception, AIU has focused on the growth and development of higher education and acts as a bureau of information exchange. Also, it takes credit for various useful publications, such as the “Universities Handbook”, a weekly journal titled “University News,” and research papers.

AIU universities include Conventional Universities, Open Universities, Deemed Universities, State Universities, Central Universities, Private Universities and Institutes of National Importance. Moreover, 13 Universities and educational institutes from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom are its Associate Members.



As suggested by AIU full form (Association of Indian Universities), it is an advisory apex organisation in India that supports initiatives and programmes that can strengthen Indian higher education globally. It popularises higher education as a leading system across the world through national and international collaboration, such as youth & cultural activities, research & extension, sports, etc.



According to the AIU website, this apex body works with a mission to promote and represent Indian higher education across national and international forums. It establishes liaison with national/international organisations, government, and sister associations and among universities through active support, cooperation and coordination. All stakeholders of AIU work together for promoting quality education, research, sports, culture & values.


Objectives of AIU

As an advisory body, AIU India’s objectives are to:

  • Act as an Inter-University Organisation.
  • As a bureau of information, facilitate communication between universities.
  • Encourage coordination and mutual consultation among colleges and universities.
  • Be a liaison between universities and the Government (Central and State) and cooperate with national/international bodies and universities in matters of common interest.
  • Represent Indian universities.
  • Promote or initiate programmes that can improve the quality of instruction, examination, research, textbooks, library organisation, and scholarly publications. It also supports programmes that contribute to the growth and propagation of knowledge.
  • Assist universities to maintain their autonomous status.
  • Facilitate student mobility, exchange programmes for teachers & research staff, joint research projects, and publications between national and international universities. It signs MoUs with sister organisations of foreign countries to bring all the universities together.
  • Recommend or appoint an Association representative for any conference.
  • Help universities obtain recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations, from national or international HEIs.
  • Organise or undertake conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, and research on diverse themes related to higher education.
  • As a National Sports Promotion Organisation (NSPO), promote sports among member universities and ensure they maintain set standards in sports.
  • Encourage active participation of Indian universities at National and International championships and improve sports infrastructure in the universities.
  • Collaborate with organisations that are involved in youth welfare, student information services, cultural programmes, adult education and similar activities that aim at the betterment and welfare of students or teachers.
  • Be a service agency to universities in whatever scope they need.
  • Publish newsletters, research papers, books etc.
  • Promote digitalization and offer value-added services to AIU member universities to enhance the quality of higher education.



Constant efforts of AIU have already led to many positive changes in the Indian education system and considering its comprehensive objectives, we can expect to see some great transformations soon. But AIU can’t bring the change single-handedly, colleges and universities have to put in equal efforts for it.

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