Booking venues in campus has never been easier than with CollPoll!


A peculiar problem seemed to be affecting some of the top institutions– despite boasting world-class infrastructure, facilities were hardly being used. It wasn’t that students and faculty didn’t want to use many of these facilities, they just didn’t know how to do so. Of course, this was only a problem until CollPoll came along…


CollPoll’s venue booking system is a comprehensive and evolved feature that digitises the entire lifecycle. The feature was built to be customisable in order to cater to the needs of each institution regardless of size and scale.

 With CollPoll, institutions have complete control over whether or not any venue can be made bookable. And the venues can range from large-scale auditoriums that can seat thousands to smaller spaces such as conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, audio-visual facilities, sports centres, and more.

Here’s how it works:

Institutions can…

Make any venue bookable with just a click of a button (function is available at the Admin Console).

venue booking 1.jpg

Also, institutions can further customise the process by:

  • Setting restrictions on the type of users that can book the particular venue (Students, Faculty and Administrator).

  • Setting approval requirements for each user type (for instance you can make it mandatory for all student requests to be granted use of a venue space after getting approval).

  • Setting a timeframe within which the venue can be booked thus preventing redundant bookings.

Users can..

Raise requests to reserve a space in minutes thanks to our intuitive design.  

venue booking 2.jpg

Administrators can…

Administrators can approve or deny requests at their end while also monitoring the entire process without any hassle.

venue booking 3.jpg

But that’s not all…

It’s not like CollPoll to rest easy even when a feature is fully evolved – there’s always room to innovate. So, how did we manage it?

Recurring booking

Users can raise requests to reserve a space for a specified period of time in advance. Admin can also approve/deny the requests in just one go.

Different Views

Users can toggle between different views (List or Calendar) based on their preferences and comfort. We truly have thought of everything!

The CollPoll Outcome

The CollPoll platform has been designed to boost your institution’s efficiency. With our venue booking system you can:

  • Manage all venues and buildings comprehensively from one platform.

  • Rather than being buried under a pile of applications and physical request slips, have a single digital repository of all requests.

  • Streamline and speed up reviewing and resolving requests.

  • Become an environment-friendly campus by going paperless.

Want to get started with CollPoll? We are eager to hear from you. Please contact us at