Using Technology To Make Life Easier For Students And Parents

Using Technology To Make Life Easier For Students And Parents

Like all things modern, technology has permeated every aspect of human life. Be it instant texts to catch up with an old friend, effortless transactions, or letting the world know what you’re up to with social media. In a simple sense, technology has revolutionized the human experience.

Distance has ceased to be a barrier to personal relationships. Gone are the days when parents would wait for days to hear from their children, studying in a distant city. No matter the kilometres in between, you can pop in to say ‘Hi’ anytime via a video call or text. The distance has virtually faded, bringing students and parents closer than ever.

If you’re still unconvinced about the massive impact of technology in all spheres of life, allow us to put things into perspective. According to a Bloomberg report, “India’s Gen Z population currently stands at 472 million and on average, an Indian Gen Z spends eight hours per day online”. While another survey reported that Indian mothers are spending about two to three hours per day online. Thus, it is clear that the influence of technology in our lives is undeniable.

Challenges Faced by Students and Parents

While a major part of our life has been completely transformed by the advent of the internet, there is one significant area that has unfortunately remained untouched. Wonder what that is? Education, of course. 

The education sector is yet to match up to the technological advancements of its counterparts. Institutions have endlessly long queues for admission and document verification purposes, with aspirants often rushing from one college to another, only to secure a seat.

Attendance has become a source of unnecessary stress rather than a means to track student participation. Lack of adequate technological infrastructure has disappointed both parents and students. The education system is in desperate need of reform, with many areas lacking in crucial changes necessary in today’s global world. Here is where the magic of technology comes into play!

76% of educators believe technology helps them do their job better.”


Using Technology To Make Life Easier For Students And Parents


Transforming Education using Technology

  1. Hassle-free Admission Process 

The much-dreaded queues, utter confusion and panicked rides from one college to another have been a common sight. What if all these can be replaced by a one-stop online portal? 

The idea of online admission has been debated and discussed extensively and was implemented as well, courtesy of the pandemic, but it remains to be seen if it will stick around once the situation normalizes. The fascination with the online mode is easy to grasp it saves precious time and energy on the part of both parents and students, ensures a hassle-free process, and eliminates unnecessary middlemen. An online admission portal will guarantee a much more secure and centralized process an investment that will certainly bear fruit. 

2. A One-Stop Solution for all Fee Problems

Tired of running from bank to bank and filling in countless forms? 

Digitalisation is the way to go! Online portals can combine multiple aspects of fee payment, including secure payment gateways, tracking fee timelines and options to avail scholarships (if any). Switching to online mode will simplify the fee payment process to a great extent, allowing parents to access an easy to use interface to make secure interactions.

3. Education Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps the most remarkable feat of technology to date is its role in making distance irrelevant. With only the basic criteria of having access to an internet connection and a device, students from remote areas today find themselves at par with their counterparts in metropolitan cities. Countless opportunities are now just a tap away!

With technology, students are able to access a blended mode of learning which has expanded the boundaries of conventional classrooms, while allowing parents to save up on avoidable expenses, like hostel fees, among others. Truly, technology has something for everyone.

Another major advantage of online education is that most subject restrictions will cease to be relevant. Following the much appreciated New Education Policy introduced by the government, combining education with technology will open up many more avenues and areas for students to explore without being restricted to a few traditional choices.

4. A Unified System of Communication

Shifting to the online way of things will ensure that all relevant communication takes place at one site, which is accessible to all students, the faculty, and parents. It will add immensely to the transparency of the institution, and allow each involved individual to have a say in pressing matters.

The wide-ranging capabilities of technology can be utilized effectively to further improve communication between the parties. Case in point a feature that will allow parents to approve requests for leaves or night passes submitted by outstation-based students. The same system can also notify parents of late entry at the gate. This plays an important role in ensuring student security, which is generally one of the biggest concerns reported by parents of outstation students. A cashless way of things is another way to enhance safety on campus, during these times of pandemic.

5. Online Assessments – Simple to Take and Easy to Track

The hassles of examinations and quizzes can be eased significantly by allowing technology to step in. It brings with itself a culture defined by integrity and ensures a fair system of grading for all examinees. Proctored Examinations backed by artificial intelligence can virtually eliminate the need for students to step out of their homes for giving examinations. Implementing online submission of quizzes, assignments, projects and examinations can lead to greater flexibility for students and expansion of knowledge on the subject.

Features can be incorporated to allow parents to access student grades and exam reports. This will ensure that they are also included in the loop, and can help relieve some of the alienation usually experienced by parents when they live away from the student.

CollPoll Digital Campus to The Rescue!

There is thus a little doubt that a digital world is the only way forward. Students can grab opportunities they were earlier deprived of, and parents are just a few clicks away from the latest updates about their child’s performance and security. Indeed, the idea of a digital campus does justice to the aspirations of students and parents.

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