Track and Manage Institutional Assets Easily With CollPoll’s Asset Management

Asset Management

Higher education institutions strive to ensure sustainability by providing their students, faculty and other stakeholders with excellent physical and virtual assets (Any physical item/resources owned by the institution) that meet their learning and teaching needs. Today, colleges and universities need to completely transform the way they track assets since the assets provided to administrators, faculty, and students go far beyond computers and printers. 

Managing the assets and equipment of higher education institutions is crucial. Educational Institutions often find it difficult to manually track the number of assets in use, manage their allotment and return, and track warranty and insurance details. Most of their assets, however, are either lost or misplaced or require repair. And mismanagement of assets is the reason for all these problems. In order to overcome these challenges, higher education institutions need to incorporate technology to ensure seamless management of assets 

That’s where CollPoll’s Asset Management module comes into play!

What is Asset Management?

Asset in an educational institution refers to any physical item/resources owned by that institution such as laptops, mobile phones, stationery, gym equipment, lab equipment and more. Asset management is a strategic approach to monitoring, tracking, and scheduling asset requirements and maintenance. As part of this process, asset tracking is automated and asset lifecycle management is focused from the asset’s initial to its end stage including issuing assets to respective departments, maintaining records, tracking and managing return requests, and more.

It ensures complete asset visibility and control. This means the administration is always aware of the asset’s location, who is using it, the asset’s status, and how frequently assets are utilized, among others.

Asset Management


CollPoll Asset Management for Maximum Utilization

For comprehensive asset records and smarter maintenance, CollPoll has now introduced – the Asset Management module that makes it easier for higher education institutions to manage and track their assets. Moreover, it helps you assign assets to particular categories or sub-categories so that it becomes effortless to manage individual assets and check on the details if required. It is simple, smart, and effective and gives access to real-time data. The module offers a wide array of features to improve inventory management. Let’s delve in to know more!

1. Create Asset Schema

This allows you to create a framework to record all your assets by adding the required categories, sub-categories and fields. A “category” is a broad term used on the platform to group similar assets, say IT, Furniture, or stationery whereas a “sub-category” will tell us the exact asset that the institution owns such as a laptop or mobile phone or computer. A “field” is an option to add some compulsory details about the asset, for instance, RAM, and OS in the case of a laptop. There is no limit to the amount of information you can define about an asset, sub-category within a category and fields within a subcategory.

2. Record Product and Asset Details

The platform allows you to record all information about the product as well as the asset within each category. You can record details of the product such as company name, product ID, product code, no. of pieces, etc., and other crucial information such as purchase details, warranty details, insurance details, allotment details, and service maintenance details of each asset.

3. Automate Allotment and Returns

Manually managing allotment and returns is a pain point for every institution. Moreover, it doesn’t enable them to utilise each asset properly and hence, save money.

CollPoll, thus, will help you to completely automate allotments to different departments as well as individuals. You can add the location within the campus where it is being allotted and capture images of the asset on the platform at the time of allotment. Furthermore, you can seamlessly manage returns by adding return dates and images of the asset at the time of submission.


Benefits of Implementing CollPoll’s Asset Management in Your Institution

To offer quality education, most universities are constantly acquiring new assets that can provide a more comprehensive and connected learning experience. And effectively maintaining and managing campus assets is becoming the need of the hour. Some of the benefits of an organized asset management system include – enhanced long-term planning, reduced equipment and upkeep costs, and improved visibility. The other benefits that CollPoll’s Asset Management module introduces to your campus are as follows:

Benefits of Asset Management


  • Track Warranty Expiry with a Click

One of the most useful benefits of CollPoll’s Asset Management is seamlessly tracking the warranty expiry of each asset. CollPoll allows you to apply filters and sort the list of assets based on warranty details. This can help you ensure the assets are well maintained and repaired on time thus reducing unnecessary expenses for the institution.

  • Maximize Equipment Utilization

You cannot use equipment if you are not aware of its location. In higher education institutions, assets are often misplaced or left unused. With the asset management module, you can record service/maintenance details and identify duplicate or unused assets and utilize them to their full capacity. This will ensure efficient usage of assets thus increasing their life cycle.

  • Seamlessly Track and Manage Allotment

With CollPoll, you can easily track the asset which has been allotted and those which are available for future allotments. Planning your asset stock in advance will help you draft its required budget in the future. Thus, last-minute additional costs associated with asset shortages can be avoided. CollPoll’s asset management feature allows you to keep a track of all your stock orders and vendors at a single site.

  • Eliminate Paper Work

Paperwork kills the accuracy of asset location. A lot of data is either misplaced or left out of management. This results in poor asset management and allocation. However, switching to the software eliminates all such errors and assures enhanced tracking and management processes.

  • Real-time Data at the Fingertips

Asset management software provides you with a centralized platform that can be updated regularly to maintain a good track of data. The system helps you to access all the asset-related information from a single place. You can simply look into the images added initially to know about the product condition and manage requests.

  • Reliable Reporting

All the processes are automated through this asset-tracking management software, so you aren’t required to enter data manually. Efficient, reliable reports can be easily created and customized according to the institution’s target, avoiding all human errors.

  • Ensure Equipment Availability

Ensuring assets get maintenance and fixing all the issues on time, enhances equipment availability. This decreases downtime and adds value to educational institutions.

Summing Up!

Colleges and universities are responsible for managing a large number of assets and equipment. These assets can sometimes be located at different buildings or spread out to different locations off-campus. No matter where these assets are located, they need to be tracked and maintained. And CollPoll’s Asset Management module ensures that every asset is updated in the system’s records and is tracked regularly by the administrators without any errors.

CollPoll gives educators the flexibility to track and manage assets online while no equipment is lost, duplicated, or left unused. Learn more about CollPoll’s Asset Management Module with a Personalised Demo!