Technology is transforming education and CollPoll is at the forefront


In this guest blog, Innovation & Design Expert, Dr. Murli Nagasundaram talks about how technology can transform education. Dr. Nagasundaram, who has a PhD from the University of Georgia, also highlights the vital role CollPoll plays in that process.

Technology has been transforming the educational landscape for a long while. Ironically, I think technology will help take education back to its roots. In the past 150 years, education went from being personalised and directed towards the individual to becoming highly standardised and directed at the masses. The latter approach might be acceptable in a world that is unchanging and stable. But our world today is transforming relentlessly at breakneck speed.

 Human beings are individuals with unique needs and preferences not standardised, replaceable units. And these days human beings are highly mobile.

This combination of rapid change, high mobility and unique individual needs is best addressed using modern technology.

There have been many attempts to introduce technology into education over the last 60 years – especially in the last 10 years. However, most of those attempts were ill conceived and often interfered rather than helped in the progress of the educational landscape. CollPoll was cognizant of these shortcomings and therefore has taken a deliberate layered and systematic approach to developing a technology that precisely targets specific needs of education and educational institutions. 


CollPoll’s development is characterised by continual experimentation and testing with real institutions. The product is improved and extended incessantly. Whatever CollPoll does actually successfully addresses the current and emerging needs of educational institutions. Further development of CollPoll will continue to adopt the strategy of extensive research, development and continuous testing. 

As a result, not only does CollPoll directly meet the needs of institutions today, but it also anticipates future needs. The platform is dedicated to helping institutions apply technology effectively in a transformed educational landscape. Above all, CollPoll listens very carefully to its customers to build exactly what they want – for today and for tomorrow. 


Dr. Murli Nagasundaram

Dr. Murli Nagasundaram