Seamlessly Manage Campus Access with CollPoll’s “Safe Campus” Initiative


The higher education landscape is at the crossroads of an amazing digital shift. The sector faced complex disruption from a changing student body who are digital natives to expecting a more intuitive experience that fosters positive outcomes. This is where a digital campus plays a significant role in transforming student lives.

Our “Back to Safe Campus” initiative partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings back safe campus experience to the table amidst the pandemic by delivering digital services to re-open campuses in a safer way. From digitizing campus life to making operations contactless and managing campus access effectively, we focus on providing the best to students and staff.

To address the challenges brought in by Covid-19 and to achieve much higher administrative efficiency, CollPoll has introduced – Campus Access Module. By using this feature, you can easily get rid of inefficiencies caused by manual processes and ensure a seamless campus entry/exit movement from a single dashboard.


  • Student Gate Pass

Smartly managing different types of student gate pass is the ultimate solution for institutional development.  Fortunately, advances in smart gate pass technologies and the surrounding infrastructure offer the optimal solution for streamlining administrative tasks. Using this feature, admins can easily access the entire student entry/exit data via a single dashboard.

Through this module, admins can perform the following functions:

  1. Gate Pass Management to define and create different types of gate passes, track multiple check-ins/checkouts, add various integrations, and customize timings as required.
  2. Gate Pass Approvals to manage student’s exit from the campus, assign pass approval to parent/warden/security, and modify the process based on circumstances.

Institutions can get parents’ consent through automated SMS or phone calls using IVR or alternatively, asking students to submit written consent from parents on CollPoll. Admins are then automatically notified of the consent received from parents.

  • Visitor Management

A robust online visitor management system empowers the administration to carry out their daily operations on the go. With this feature, they can provide a better experience to the daily visitors as well as students, faculty, and staff.

Our Visitor Management feature administers visitor pass details and allows the admins to – manage visitor databases using unique details, authenticate and schedule entry by raising a ticket for expected visitors, and generate automated notifications. It serves with the options of creating and managing different passes such as regular, VIP, disabled visitors pass, among others.

  • Staff Self-declaration

Our Covid Self Declaration feature serves the creation of forms for both teaching and non-teaching staff, tracking the portals, and symptoms (if any). It gives you the facility to easily set dates and time limits for members to fill the form and track whether or not they follow the protocols.

Additionally, this module comes up with the feature of tracking the number of members with symptoms of fever along with dates and when symptoms showed up!

  • Real-time tracking

Using this feature, the administration can easily categorize students and track their entry/exit within the campus based on authority permissions. You can also customize students’ entry and exit timings based on programme year and hostel building and generate automated notifications to parents, warden and students for entry, exit, late entry or absenteeism.

We believe that higher educational institutions are epicentres of activity, and for that reason, our “Safe Campus” initiative comes with upgraded technologies that are simple to implement and easy to use and ensure collaboration between multiple stakeholders. Leveraging smart campus solutions can improve the experience of students, faculty, and administrators and also ensure their safety.

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