Sanjeev Gupta’s Exciting Journey as a Founding Member and Design Leader at CollPoll

Sanjeev Gupta's Exciting Journey as a Founding Member and Design Leader at CollPoll

As CollPoll celebrates the impressive nine-year milestone of Sanjeev Gupta, our esteemed Founding Member and Design Leader, we take this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate his remarkable achievements and progress. Since his first day at CollPoll, Sanjeev has consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment and passion for his work, leaving an indelible mark on the organization as a whole.

Reflecting on the past incredible years, we take pride in having Sanjeev Gupta as a valuable team member and eagerly anticipate the outstanding accomplishments he will achieve in the future. Join us in celebrating this milestone and in acknowledging Sanjeev’s exceptional successes.


About Sanjeev!

Sanjeev joined during the initial days of building CollPoll and has been associated for nine years now. Right from the start, Sanjeev has provided exceptional support to the company, contributing significantly to critical product designs and meeting partner expectations. He has demonstrated remarkable dedication to enhancing product design and branding, constantly pushing boundaries to achieve excellence.


Team CollPoll at Bangalore Office!

Team CollPoll at the Bangalore Office!


Personally, Sanjeev finds solace in sketching while listening to old songs and sipping his favourite tea as a means to relieve stress and prefers playing sports such as cricket and volleyball over going to the gym to maintain fitness. He enjoys reading comics and is keenly interested in learning about business development, market growth, and related topics. Above all, he cherishes spending quality time with his family and son.


What’s Your Story Behind Joining CollPoll? Also Please Brief Us About Your Role.

My academic journey included pursuing Graphic Design at Banaras Hindu University and Lifestyle Accessory Design at the National Institute of Design. Initially, I ventured into jewellery designing and had the privilege of working with renowned brands and designers. However, a friend introduced me to CollPoll during its early stages, and I spontaneously decided to travel to Bangalore to meet the Founder & CEO, Hemant Sahal. Under his guidance, I gained experience in UI/UX along with graphic designing, working with a small team of 4-5 people. I was captivated by CollPoll’s vision and concept and was thrilled to observe its positive influence on digital transformation in educational institutions.

“Learning never stops, so, never give up!”, says Sanjeev Gupta

As CollPoll was a startup, our responsibilities were not confined to a specific role. We had (and still have) the liberty to contribute to every aspect of the process, regardless of our job title. This enabled me to acquire knowledge about various products and processes and aided my growth in the right direction.

As for my current role and responsibilities, I oversee a range of activities including UI/UX designing, branding, and graphic design, all aimed at promoting the brand on a larger scale. I take great pride in contributing to these aspects of the company’s growth and success.


How Has the Last 9 Years’ Journey Been at CollPoll?

The journey has been full of ups and downs, great learnings, remarkable opportunities, and avenues to success. Initially, my primary focus was to progress in my career while contributing to the company’s growth. Over the years, we have continuously strived to deliver excellent products and customer support that cater to the requirements of higher education institutions. Additionally, we have focused on expanding the team and keeping up with the latest education trends, ensuring that we work in the right direction to develop the necessary products.

In the initial stages, we were a small team consisting of 4-5 individuals, but we later recruited talented individuals and created remarkable modules for higher education institutions. The guidance of Mr. Murli Nagasundaram, advisor to CollPoll, also played a significant role in our growth and understanding of the industry. 


Team CollPoll with the Founder & CEO, Hemant Sahal!

Team CollPoll With Our Founder & CEO, Hemant Sahal!


Furthermore, I had the opportunity to interact with academic leaders and experts from various industries, which contributed to my personal and professional growth. Throughout these years, we worked in unison to develop products that met the requirements of educational institutions, prioritized team growth, and establish CollPoll as a prominent brand in the education industry.

I truly believe in, “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”

Throughout my 9-year journey, I have cherished every moment, including the ups and downs, successes and failures. One of the highlights for me has been the opportunity to meet a diverse range of individuals and gain insight into their unique perspectives, which has broadened my understanding of various thought processes. Witnessing CollPoll’s growth has also been a source of great joy, from creating and refining new processes to defining clear roles and responsibilities and leveraging cutting-edge technology and tools. Overall, my experience has been incredibly rewarding and unforgettable.


How Have the CollPoll Teams Evolved in the Past Few Years?

We have experienced unforeseen but significant growth in our team, which has been a result of our unwavering commitment to creating an excellent product that caters to the needs of all stakeholders in higher education institutions. Initially, our focus was on hiring engineers, followed by business leaders, and as our team expanded, we created specialized segments to ensure efficient product development. Our hiring process was prioritized with a focus on developing a high-quality product.

From a small team of only 4-5 members, we have now grown into a robust team of over 80+ individuals. At CollPoll, we promote a culture of diversity and flexibility, encouraging our team members to work and learn in different verticals. Our ultimate goal is to foster growth and learning for all.


The Best Moments You Had on This Journey

My journey has been filled with many wonderful memories, but there are a few that stand out. One particular moment was when I shared my first presentation with the team and advisors, and they responded positively. We celebrated by enjoying a delicious meal prepared by one of our talented colleagues.

Another cherished memory is our team trip to Chikmagalur. It was a fantastic experience where we not only had a great time together but also learned from each other during fun sessions.


Team CollPoll Enjoying Cricket Matches!

Team CollPoll Enjoying Cricket Matches!


Additionally, the installation of a table tennis table at our Bangalore office led to some enjoyable moments spent playing with colleagues. Monthly cricket matches were also a highlight, and all of these experiences have made my journey truly memorable.


Your Everyday Go-to Productivity Mantra

I strongly believe that overthinking situations can be counterproductive, and sometimes, spontaneous decisions can be the best ones. While I do plan certain tasks, I also believe that some things are better left to chance. As a result, when presented with a task, I prefer to tackle it right away rather than postpone it. In my opinion, there’s no sense in prolonging things unnecessarily.

“Quality matters, not quantity!”, says Sanjeev Gupta


What Is Your Vision for CollPoll?

I envision CollPoll expanding its reach to serve a broader range of higher education institutions while prioritizing team growth and learning. My goal is to improve the product’s structure, design, and stability, ultimately building a stronger brand and creating a product that caters to the unique needs of each higher education sector, aiding the institutions in their journey of digital transformation.


Sanjeev’s unwavering commitment and perseverance have been integral to CollPoll’s outstanding achievements. We appreciate his efforts and wish him continued success and growth!

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