Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT) Embraces CollPoll to Drive Digital Transformation

Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT) Embraces CollPoll to Drive Digital Transformation

The value of technology to higher education institutions extends beyond boosting productivity to enhancing learning, collaboration, and decision-making. The effective adoption of digital platforms can increase student engagement, help faculty improve their teaching methodologies, facilitate personalised learning, enable management to make informed decisions, and boost administrative efficiency.  

As institutions strive to improve student and faculty experiences, reduce administrative workloads, enhance communication within the campus, and improve teaching-learning practices, seamless processes are expected to be implemented.

Established in 2005 and located in the serene surroundings of Uttarakhand, Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT) aims at changing its young disciples into professionally expert individuals and new generation citizens possessing ethical values and fervour for social responsibilities. The institution imparts futuristic technical education and instils high values of discipline by offering a wide array of courses, including Engineering, Management, Agriculture, and Paramedical Sciences, among others.


CollPoll team with senior leaders of the Roorkee Institute of Technology

CollPoll team with the leaders of the Roorkee Institute of Technology

Roorkee Institute of Technology envisions a world-class technical institution fostering innovation, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit by providing quality education and long-term value creation and by anticipating and fulfilling the requirements of the student, faculty, industry and other stakeholders by adopting best practices.

As Higher education institutions are increasingly making a digital transition, Roorkee Institute of Technology plans to implement some innovative CollPoll solutions to address the arising issues like complexity and compliance, while providing seamless user experiences.

Streamlined Digital Experience with Admission & Fees Management

With CollPoll’s Admission module and LeadSquared integration, the whole admission process is fully digitized, ensuring a seamless digital and smart campus experience for students. Our digital platform facilitates the entire admissions process, from filling out the admission form to making payments. Moreover, the LeadSquared integration acts as a backbone for enrollments and offers significant visibility and efficiency in the admission funnel and process.

Additionally, a number of functions have been added to the Finance Administration system, such as setting up fee plans, penalty plans, and scholarships, integrating a payment gateway (PayU), and managing dues collection.

Enhancing Student Learning Experience with CollPoll’s Classroom LMS

CollPoll’s Learning Management System is enabling the faculty of Roorkee Institute of Technology to plan and create lessons, track student progress, take attendance, share learning resources online, plan and share timetables, etc. Additionally, students can attend classes online from anywhere, take quizzes, submit assignments, and do much more via a single dashboard!

The RIT faculty have planned 45K+ lessons and has taken 14K+ student attendance using the CollPoll Digital Platform.

Student Success Through Digitized Career Services

The placement and internship module offered by CollPoll completely transformed the campus hiring processes of the Roorkee Institute of Technology. The platform provides students with access to critical communication, the opportunity to apply for jobs and internships, and even the flexibility to reject or accept job offers according to their preferences. We have significantly reduced error margins and accelerated the process.


Roorkee Institute of Technology Adopts CollPoll to Become Digital


NEP-compliant Academic Management System

Rather than spending time on manual tasks, CollPoll encourages faculty members to focus on teaching and research. And to support the recommendations of the New Education Policy, we offer a well-planned academic management system.

CollPoll enables admins to manage terms, curriculums, courses, specialisations etc. and gives faculty flexibility to handle choice-based course registration, create online timetables, manage attendance, assessments and more. 1.4K+ classes have been created in the institution using CollPoll’s AMS.

Boosting Student Engagement with Campus Feed

The CollPoll-powered campus social network allows students to share news and updates and improves campus digital adaptability. As a result, seamless communication and collaboration are ensured on-premises. Furthermore, students have the option of creating polls, quizzes, and asking questions in addition to sharing campus news and events. The institution uses CollPoll Booths to publish student achievements and showcase recent placements. Thus, encouraging students on a wider platform.


Digitally Transform Your Institution with CollPoll


Delivering Digital Helpdesk Support

Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT) uses CollPoll’s Campus Help Center (CHC) to manage its workflows effectively, a self-service portal where anyone can raise a request that is directly forwarded to the appropriate authorities. The campus uses an array of services including issuing academic certificates or transcripts, raising transport requests, managing hostel and gate pass requests, handling faculty leave applications, and raising service requests among others, which have been efficiently managed on the CollPoll platform.

The campus has automated across 20+ services and has successfully managed 10K+ requests out of which 98% requests have been resolved in a record time frame of 1 day 1 hour.

Robust Hostel Management

With CollPoll’s Hostel Automation, the institution is managing the entire physical infrastructure of the hostel such as managing allotments & checkout, creating a hostel building with a unique ID, biometric integration, and more. Students can now even book beds online. 


CollPoll’s online feedback management system helps institutions to collect feedback from the students, rate and analyze faculty’s performance, and reduce the strenuous work of physically examining the feedback pages of each and every student.


Implementing Feedback Mechanism

With the help of CollPoll, Roorkee Institute of Technology is able to get comprehensive and valuable feedback from students and faculty members in the areas like online classroom sessions, teachers learning feedback, and placement processes, among others. This tool also helps the institution in maintaining and developing reports for accreditation purposes. The feature ensured that sensitive information remained secure and private. The analysis reports generated from these responses played a key role in improving the campus and learning experience.

Quoting Dr. Parag Jain’s Views!

“RIT has always been at the forefront of imbibing innovation into its culture. Thus, we have completed and automated our key workflows such as Hostel Outpass System, Infrastructure Maintenance, Certificates etc. using CollPoll’s campus help centre while providing our students with an engaging and comfortable campus experience. We are extremely glad to have found a long-term technology partner in CollPoll and achieved our digital transformation goal,” says Dr. Parag Jain, Director at Roorkee Institute of Technology.

CollPoll Digital Campus to Upgrade Institution Experience!

As a leading higher education institution focused on delivering value and seamless experience for all stakeholders, Roorkee Institute of Technology has indeed set a great example of digital transformation. With constant support from the campus IT team, and the entire leadership and administrative departments, the CollPoll team was able to successfully implement the modules within the campus.

Our team at CollPoll is pleased to partner with institutions like the Roorkee Institute of Technology that aim to create seamless and comfortable learning experiences for students, staff, administrators, and other stakeholders.

If you want your campus to be digital too, contact us now!


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