Why Your Institution Needs an Admissions Management System
8 Reasons Why Your Institution Needs an Admissions Management System This Year
For higher education institutions, admissions season can be a hectic and chaotic...
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Why should Education Institutions settle for outdated ERPs?
This article was originally published in Digital Learning Magazine We wanted to develop...
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Going Digital: Managing Academics in the Time of COVID19 Lockdown
At DME, we have scaled up technology adoption very fast and are preparing ourselves...
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In the club with CollPoll
Introducing CollPoll’s Clubs, Chapters & Societies - a one-stop destination for...
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With Collpoll, Mess Management Is Anything but a Mess
With CollPoll, Mess Management Is Anything But a Mess
So, how does a top institution stop making a mess out of mess management?
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Booking venues in campus has never been easier than with CollPoll!
CollPoll’s venue booking system is a comprehensive and evolved feature that digitises...
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Technology is transforming education and CollPoll is at the forefront
Technology has been transforming the educational landscape for a long while. Ironically,...
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Conducting student elections with CollPoll is as easy as clicking a tab
The university needed a reliable platform that could facilitate the elections swiftly,...
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CollPoll @ AIU South Zone Vice Chancellors’ Meet
Team CollPoll attended the South Zone Vice Chancellors’ Meet organised by Association...
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