BSC Cover 3
Seamlessly Manage Campus Access with CollPoll’s “Safe Campus” Initiative
The higher education landscape is at the crossroads of an amazing digital shift....
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CollPoll Contactless Campus Operations
Make Campus Operations Contactless with CollPoll’s “Safe Campus” Initiative
One of the primary challenges faced by educational campuses due to the COVID-19 pandemic...
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Student entry automation
CollPoll’s “Back To Safe Campus” Initiative Brings Student Entry Automation
With the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, there has been havoc across the world...
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CollPoll Contest
CollPoll to Launch Mobile App Rating Contest for Its Student Community
CollPoll is set to launch a mobile app rating contest across its partner institutions,...
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NEP Blog
How Institutions Can Accelerate NEP Compliance With CollPoll’s AMS?
The National Education Policy (NEP) of India has been the talk of the nation since...
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Curriculum Mapping
Curriculum Mapping & Its Benefits in Teaching and Learning
In education, a course of study is designed to deliver subject knowledge to learners...
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Campus Mess and Canteen
CollPoll’s Contactless Meal Automation for Student Safety
Educational Institutions around the country are starting to regain their charm and...
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Why Are Higher Educational Institutes Switching to Online Examinations
Technology has found its way into the education sector and set in motion some great...
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Reasons Why You Need a College Fee Management System
14 Reasons Why You Need a College Fee Management System
The digital transformation in education is not only about online classes, assignments,...
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