CollPoller Spotlight
CollPoller Spotlight: Lakshmi Nair, Product Specialist
It’s rightly said that culture is built by the people. When people with passion come...
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International Men's Day 2021
International Men’s Day: Celebrating Contribution of Men
International Men’s Day is celebrated across the globe on the 19th of November every...
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6 years of Collpoll…Many more to come!
It was a day for celebration, reflection, gratitude, and inspiration. It was a day...
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Fun times at Chikmagalur - CollPoll Team Outing
Adventure is the light that can inspire the Sun. It possesses the power to broaden...
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Drops of Water – Our Designer Illustrates His CollPoll Story
Sanjeev Gupta, our Design Lead, illustrates his journey to CollPoll
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Musings of an Android Dev - Karthik Balakrishnan
Karthik Balakrishnan goes deep into the mind of an Android developer.
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My First Week at Butterfly Innovations (CollPoll)
Swati Upadhyaya’s first week at CollPoll surpassed even her highest expectations.
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College Students and Teachers in India Are Not Talking To Each Other - CollPoll Survey
Results from our research survey indicates a grim reality for institutions across...
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