Medhavi Skills University, Sikkim on the Journey of Digital Transformation With CollPoll

Medhavi Skills University, Sikkim on the Journey of Digital Transformation With Collpoll

The higher education institutions are at the crux of an amazing digital shift and the rapid evolution of the digital world is having a significant impact on the education sector. The institutions expect a more intuitive practice that enhances student and faculty experience, reduces the workload on administrators, makes communication easier among the stakeholders, and fosters positive learning outcomes.

Medhavi Skills University, Sikkim is ready to digitally transform, address the existing challenges of the higher education system and focus on achieving much higher academic and administrative efficiency. Established in 2021, with the passage of the MSU, Sikkim Act 2021, in the Sikkim State Legislative Assembly, the university promotes quality skill education and entrepreneurship in an integrated manner with the higher education institutions. As educational institutions make a digital move, Medhavi Skills University has planned to adopt some innovative solutions provided by CollPoll to tackle the arising issues while delivering a seamless user experience.


Medhavi Skills University, Sikkim on the Journey of Digital Transformation With CollPoll


Rajendra Singh, the Senior Business Leader at CollPoll had a discussion with Pravesh Dudani, the Founder and Chancellor of  Medhavi Skills University, Sikkim to talk about the vision of the university for digital transformation and – the why’s and what’s of adopting CollPoll.

What is your vision for digital transformation?

In line with the National Education Policy, 2020, Medhavi Skills University (Sikkim) envisages significant digital transformation to happen in the education sector. The various programmes to be launched by the educational institutes shall be more outcome-oriented catering to the demand of the industry. This shall include apprenticeship or on-the-job training at industries’ premises, while the students attend online/ hybrid mode classes, which shall require significant digital intervention. We also anticipate that very soon students will be able to select multiple electives based on their preferences or according to the needs of the industry. And such programme customization or management is only possible through robust technology.

Why did you choose CollPoll?

Founded by a group of IIT alumni, Medhavi Skills University (Sikkim) is one of a kind, pioneering university model where corporations and industries are stakeholders and influencers of curriculum design, delivery, and practical skills training. The university offers a bouquet of programmes including regular courses, vocational courses, short-term training, and work-integrated diploma/degree programmes. The programs launched by MSU are not limited to those that target certain industries clusters. Furthermore, the students of MSU are placed as apprentices or undergo on-the-job training at various industries while taking classes online/hybrid mode in accordance with the university curriculum. 

Having CollPoll‘s web and mobile-based platforms give students, faculty and administrators access to a common online platform, anywhere and anytime. Thus, meeting MSU’s requirements for managing our operations in accordance with our mandate. We will utilize it for admissions management, fee management, academic management, database management, etc. for our students who will be located throughout the country.

What CollPoll modules are you going to use immediately?

Medhavi Skills University (Sikkim) will initially use multiple modules from CollPoll, including Academic Management, Learning Management System, Examination Management System, and Admission Automation.

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in all educational institutes switching to online/virtual modes of learning. Considering the possibility of such a scenario in the future, digital transformation is needed to deliver knowledge efficiently and effectively through an innovative and effective virtual learning environment so that students can complete their courses and become industry-ready.

Quoting Pravesh Dudani’s Views!

“Students are the human capital of the country and it is essential to empower them for the development of the economy. Being a young nation with 75% of the population in working-age, employment becomes a major concern unless it is skill-oriented and meets the industry’s demand. 

Skill-based and outcome-oriented higher education is definitely more effective and purpose-driven compared to traditional higher education, which helps students receive a clear objective along with defined career pathways.  

Medhavi Skills University is excited to collaborate with CollPoll to achieve its vision of converging the Skills Ecosystem with higher Education tracks. Through CollPoll’s scalable Digital Campus Suite, MSU envisions offering work-integrated courses to the youths of our country enabling apprenticeship, internships and boost to employment generation in a big way,” says Pravesh Dudani.

Inspiring Institutions to Transform Digitally & Embrace Technology

“Medhavi University is a progressive institution that constantly seeks to change and adapts to technology trends to provide engaging user experiences. Having the same vision of empowering the higher education institutions, students, faculty and administrators gave us the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the purpose!” – Rajendra Singh.

CollPoll is proud to be a partner to institutions like Medhavi Skills University that strive to create seamless and comfortable experiences for their students, staff, admins, and stakeholders, and we’re glad to help foster those changes.