Is it Mandatory to Implement the New education policy 2020?

new education policy 2020

Ever since the New education policy or NEP 2020 was introduced, there has been much discussion. Most education experts believe that the NEP will bring about a much-needed change for Indian students and the education system. For the first time, an education policy has attempted to uplift the Indian education system and bring it to par with global standards. NEP 2020 has a forward-looking approach that aims to revolutionize higher education and create better learning opportunities for Indian students.

Despite the support received by NEP 2020, many others oppose the move. In today’s article, we will consider the pros of the new education policy and look at the example of Karnataka – the first state to implement the NEP.


Pros of NEP 2020

  • Multiple entry and exit – Under the NEP 2020, students can choose to take a break in their studies during graduation or post-graduation. The credits they have earned will remain stored in the Academic Bank of Credits. The students may re-join the program at the same institution or any other institution of their choice whenever it suits them. Multiple entry and exit from courses will enable college dropouts to resume their education. Approximately two crore students will be able to come back to education through this new approach.
  • More Scope for Global Education – Implementing the NEP 2020 will allow global educational institutions to come to India. Various foreign universities will be invited to set up campuses in India. Indian universities will also have more opportunities to set up exchange programs with foreign universities through better reach and interaction.
  • Propagation of Culture & Ethos – The NEP aims to integrate the learning of the Indian culture and ethos into the regular curriculum for school students. It will enable Indian students to learn about the ancient history of India and the glorious past of our nation. Propagation of culture and ethos is an essential step towards reviving our traditions and promoting unity from an early age.
  • Improvement in Teaching Quality – By 2030, B.Ed. will be made a mandatory 4-year-program that will include better training and instruction to teachers. Teachers that undertake the new B.Ed. the program will receive guidance about the best practices in education followed by teachers in different parts of the globe. They will be better equipped to handle any issues in the education system. They will prove to be better mentors for all kinds of students.
  • Digitalized Learning & Teaching Process – The pandemic has taught education systems worldwide that digital learning and teaching are an essential part of the school. Digitalizing the learning and teaching process will enable students living in remote areas of India to access a better quality of education. Every educational institution should be well-equipped and prepared to offer online learning platforms to students who need them.


Karnataka has become the first state in India to implement the new education policy or NEP 2020. Amidst questions and controversies, the Karnataka Minister for Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan, launched the implementation of NEP 2020 in August 2021. The state is being lauded for taking the lead in implementing the revolutionary education policy. Here are some of the benefits gained by the teachers and students in Karnataka under the NEP 2020

  • 10000 teachers to receive training and guidance to implement the NEP
  • The Karnataka government has launched a web portal for NEP 2020 to create awareness and help those who need advice on the new system.
  • The NEP will make the education system more student-centric and offer multiple entries and exit options in higher education.
  • Various administrative, structural, and legislative reforms are expected to be rolled out under the NEP 2020
  • Students are expected to benefit from implementing different global best practices in education.


Summing Up!

CollPoll experts work with various educational institutions that want to take up new initiatives in line with the new education policy. We are also working with higher education institutions in Karnataka to consult and guide them in implementing the changes.

Get in touch with us to know more about the NEP 2020 and how your educational institution can benefit from the new education policy!

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