Introducing CollPoll’s Feedback Management System

Introducing CollPoll’s Feedback Management System

Feedback plays a crucial role in the efficient and quality improvement of a higher education institution. A proper feedback mechanism helps in timely addressing the weaknesses and further strengthening an institution. Thus, taking the growth rate of an institute upward every day.

CollPoll’s online feedback management system helps institutions to collect feedback from the students, rate and analyze faculty’s performance, and reduce the strenuous work of physically examining the feedback pages of each and every student. This also significantly reduces the burden of keeping and maintaining the records on a manual basis while ensuring feedback privacy.

“The teacher learning feedback questionnaire is a very important part of NAAC.”

Adopting CollPoll’s Feedback Management System

We understand how valuable feedback is for every higher education institution. Thus, our Feedback Management System incorporates several features to improve the overall performance of both students and faculty members.

1. You Can Create Question Templates as Required

While creating templates on CollPoll’s feedback module, the admins/faculty get the following options to make the feedback process more interesting for the students:

  • The Questions can be of several types:
    • Single select
    • Multi-select
    • Subjective types
  • The Overall Weightage of questions across the section of templates will be 100 only.
  • The Score of the Question will be equal to the maximum score of the option. 

2. Students Can Access Old and Current Feedback via a Separate Section

Apart from participating in a feedback process, students can also track past and current feedback via a single dashboard. To get access to all feedback, a different section exists. Using this feature, they can easily view different Feedback and status for a particular batch year/course. Additionally, students get the options to – save feedback as required, submit feedback for different courses, and submit entire feedback sessions.

3. Create and Manage Different Sessions Simultaneously

The Feedback Management System comes with the flexibility to map a term to more than one session. Using this feature, admins/faculty can access multiple reports and data simultaneously.

4. Download and Access Student Reports and Analytics to Keep Track

To keep a track of students’ reports and analytics, the faculty/admin can check data once in a while. These reports are anonymous and no student information is shared while the reports are displayed or downloaded.

5. Option to Schedule Feedback on Programme Batch Year Level

With the introduction of Session Management, we use a much more reliable method to collect student feedback. The template mapping allows programme-wise feedback scheduling (i.e. option to schedule one or more feedback).


Introducing CollPoll’s Feedback Management System


Benefits of Using Feedback Management System

Higher education institutions have always involved evaluation of the student in terms of learning & creativity, class performance,  participation, and more. Evaluation of courses and curricula through online surveys has proved to be an effective way of enhancing students’ learning capabilities and their overall experience. However, getting accurate and authentic feedback results is very important.

Here are the top benefits of using CollPoll’s Feedback Management System to improve the learning and teaching experience in the institution.

  • Boost Faculty Performance:

The feedback results can be very helpful in continuously improving the teaching standards. It is an important and effective tool for the teacher’s evaluation that helps the faculty to improve their skills and academic performance ultimately leading to overall faculty development.

  • Value the Opinions:

By asking the students their feedback, you actually pass on a message that their opinion matters and you value their opinions. Additionally, it reinstates the fact that their opinions play an important role in shaping the institutions’ future. Listening to their voices also creates a strong bond between them and faculty members.

  • Measure Student Satisfaction:

The satisfaction of students plays an important role in determining the performance of faculty members in the institution. And how well the faculty performs is directly related to the quality of teaching and learning experience delivered. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that students are satisfied with the teachers as well as the processes involved in delivering education.

  • Improved Communication:

A good feedback management system boosts communication between students and teachers on several levels. Teachers get to know the areas of improvement, processes that need more attention, and difficulties students are facing.

  • Build A Strong Alumni:

Quality of education directly affects the quality of relation an institution builds with the students. Constant feedback helps higher education institutions to improve functions regularly. Thus, building strong relationships with future alumni.

Summing Up!

Nowadays, asking for feedback from the students about – how faculties handle the class functions, if they like the teaching methods, what problems they face during lectures/classes, etc. has become an important process in the higher education institutions. Implementing the right feedback system is important.

At CollPoll, we understand the importance of feedback in the institution. Our Feedback Management System aims to rate and analyze the institution faculty’s performance and ensures that privacy is maintained.

If you are looking to opt for an easy-to-use, reliable Feedback Management System, for your institution, contact us now!