Benefits of Student tracking system
Benefits of Student Tracking System
For colleges and HEIs, imparting education is not enough. They also have to ensure...
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Measures to Improve Quality of Education Using Outcome Based Education OBE
14 Measures to Improve Quality of Education Using Outcome based Education
How to Improve the Quality of Education with OBE? In the past few years, there has...
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How to improve student attendance
How to Improve Student Attendance?
Effective Strategies to Improve Student Attendance In higher education institutions,...
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Ways to reduce Teachers' Workload
Ways to Reduce Teachers' Workload
How to Help Faculty Manage Workload? We need not mention how overburdened and stressed...
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Power of automation in college admissions
Leverage the Power of Automation In College Admissions Management
During admission seasons, manual and paper-based methods to conduct admissions can...
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benefits of admission management system
Benefits of Admission Management System
Why Should Institutions Use an Admission Management System? Colleges and universities...
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Best practices in HEI for Quality management
Best Practices in Higher Education for Quality Management
Quality has become a key element in today’s education system. We all know that quality...
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grievance redressal
Grievance Redressal - All You Need to Know
Grievance Redressal is a mechanism that involves receiving and acting on complaints,...
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is naac-accreditation-mandatory
Is NAAC Accreditation Mandatory?
India preens itself for the largest and most diversified education system in the...
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