Campus 2
Making Campuses Digitally Savvy For The Gen-Z
Among all the different generations, Gen-Z perhaps is the most tech-savvy. Having...
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Higher Education
Higher Education in India: Current State and Trends
It’s been over two months at CollPoll, and I thought it’s time to share some of my...
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Digital Campus
Educational Institutions Need Enterprise-grade SaaS to Shift From Physical to Digital
(This article was originally published in PCQuest Magazine) The Indian Higher Education...
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Curriculum Mapping
Curriculum Mapping & Its Benefits in Teaching and Learning
In education, a course of study is designed to deliver subject knowledge to learners...
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Campus Management Software
Cloud Computing in Education: Top 7 Benefits of Campus Management Software
It’s no secret – technology has been the driving force in college education. With...
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Education Technology
Importance of Technology in Education - Challenges, Benefits & Impact
Technology is everywhere, and it has transformed life as we know it. In the education...
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Why Are Higher Educational Institutes Switching to Online Examinations
Technology has found its way into the education sector and set in motion some great...
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Reasons Why You Need a College Fee Management System
14 Reasons Why You Need a College Fee Management System
The digital transformation in education is not only about online classes, assignments,...
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Why a Digital Campus Suite with built-in CRM is necessary for Higher Education Institutions?
The higher education landscape of India is the third-largest in the world, housing...
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