In the club with CollPoll


One of the biggest advantages of working alongside world-class institutions and educators is that we at Team CollPoll get the chance to develop innovative solutions that elevate the educational landscape. We get the opportunity to help institutions provide only the best for their students. It goes beyond mere academic delivery – it is an immersive process that engages with students in all aspects.

That’s why we have designed and developed a highly evolved feature called Clubs, Chapters & Societies. It is a one-stop destination for interest-based campus communities to thrive at each institution. It is an effective way to foster innovation and out-of-the-box thinking among students and boost collaboration among their peers. Here’s how we developed the feature:

clubs chapters (1).jpg

The problem

One complaint that has remained a constant among a lot of our partner-institutions is that despite having many clubs and societies within the campus, student participation is not up to mark. Here were some of the issues that we were able to identify:

  • Despite there being interest from students to join campus-communities, there was a lack of knowledge on the kinds of clubs that were active within the institution.

  • ·Many institutions still employ a paper-based process and this has been considered cumbersome by the tech-savvy student-body.

  • Admin and faculty coordinators struggle with member management and also in monitoring activities within these groups.

The CollPoll solution:

Once we identified the biggest problems, we set about designing sustainable, scalable and flexible solutions that would cater to the needs and requirements of institutions across the board. As is our routine process, we worked closely with all stakeholders including students to create the current iteration of Clubs, Chapters & Societies.

It features:

  • An aesthetically pleasing view of all clubs, chapters & societies within the campus

  • Seamless membership management features for admin/faculty to monitor clubs

  • An effortless way to request membership or join clubs.

clubs chapters (3).jpg

Our goal in developing this module was to create a holistic ecosystem. We tried to find a solution for every possible scenario. That’s why we made provisions for two kinds of communities: the kind that students can join with just a click and the kind where they have to apply through an online form (and membership status depends on approval from admin/faculty coordinators).

By clicking on the icons for any specific club, the user is automatically taken to that club’s official page. Students can peruse details about the club and even go through the gallery. We also set special privileges for admin and faculty coordinators. They can accept/reject membership requests and also upload photo albums.

The CollPoll Outcome

 Many of our partner institutions have already begun successfully managing their campus communities through CollPoll’s Clubs, Chapters & Societies.

  • The time taken to process membership requests has been significantly reduced.

  • Communication between community members has improved as students, faculty coordinators and admin can discuss group activities with ease on CollPoll.

  • Enrolment and engagement in campus communities have been boosted as it has become easier to find details regarding all clubs, chapters and, societies operating at the institution.

Interested in deploying CollPoll to digitize your campus? Be sure to reach out to us at and we will arrange a demo at the earliest.