My First Week at Butterfly Innovations (CollPoll)


After relocating to Bangalore with a gap of 3 years and with the anxiety of joining a start-up, I began my day early this Monday. I had no expectation in terms of how my first day will go as all my previous work experiences were with well structured, big organizations.

The first day came as a pleasant surprise! As Butterfly is an education technology start-up that is trying to solve key issues in the higher education space, I was made to think how I would solve the current set of problems existing in our country’s higher education strata. Starting from a very unstructured solution, I was made to come up with a clean sets of problems, the solutions for the same and identify the stakeholders in this system.

Swati Upadhyaya

Swati Upadhyaya

This was a very impressive way of learning for me, a well thought out training base for a new member to become acquainted with the goal of the organization. This was very similar to my previous experience in terms of the training structure, so my myth that a start-up might not be as organized was subtly busted. The whole day was structured in terms of what, when and a how to-do list.

Getting along with the team was fun with a movie in the middle of the week, super awesome lunch and carom sessions everyday.

I spent the next few days of the week getting familiar with the magical product the company’s working on, understanding the existing framework of databases, structures, functions and how the system works.

And finally, the week ended with a 2-day hackathon at VIT University. We traveled through an amazing route from Bangalore to Vellore with hills and a picturesque sky. It was great to see such wonderful ideas being implemented by students in such a short time and I had fun mentoring and interacting with them. It was a perfect end to a week which brought me closer to the team.