7 Factors That Drive Quality Admissions in HEIs

quality admissions in heis

The education industry in India is booming. It is one of the most populated countries in the world with regard to the student population and is almost as close to the entire population of the United States of America.

India’s education sector is growing at a good pace. In fact, in 2021-22, there were 8,997 AICTE approved institutes in India. With these expanding figures, it gets difficult to stay in the lead. Here are seven ways your higher educational institution can drive more quality enrolments.

  • Seamlessly Digital
    Digital is the new trend. From admissions to classes, everything is getting digitalised! Converting the traditional admission processes into online registration opens a portal of opportunities for students who want to apply but resist their urge because of the distance. The accessibility of a digitalised procedure provides you with a magnet to attract quality admissions to your institution.
  • Student Centric
    A higher educational institution that works for the students and always keeps their needs and experiences at its core is more likely to be the first choice for any admission seeker.Always focus on providing good residential, sports, and lab facilities. Apart from studies, students even want to live a smart college life that goes beyond the classrooms. So, offer a top-notch experience in giving them the best off-campus activities, fests, exchange programmes, and conferences.
  • Ranking and Accreditation
    Reputation is the deciding factor for many students. Passing out from a high-ranking college creates better job opportunities. Hence, holding a good accreditation rank is a sure-shot way of driving quality admissions in your HEIs.
  • Overall Scale of the Institution
    Accessibility, reputations, and student-focused campuses are undoubtedly important, but apart from these factors, what else matters is your institution’s overall scale. Provide your students with the latest knowledge and guidance by updating your courses.Moreover, having faculty profile pages on your institution’s website drives more convenience. Faculty profile pages are single-page information about the faculty and the staff member. It includes brief details of them, their job titles, the courses they teach, and a bit about themselves.
  • Strong Alumni Network
    The benefits of a strong alumna network are often overlooked. Actively engaging with alumni offers you a chance to build your brand and even enhance your accreditation. According to the Revised Assessment and Accreditation Framework launched by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2017, active Alumni Engagement carries ten points.
  • Job Opportunities on Campus
    On-campus placements in India offer students job security. Their job hunts become hassle-free and their fear of rejection decreases. It is a safety net every student seeks during admission. Hence, including on-campus placement opportunities in your institution boosts your chances of driving students to your university.
  • Incubation Facilities
    Having incubation centres in your education institutes solves major problems budding entrepreneurs face while running their start-ups.Your HEI can provide incubation facilities to coming-age entrepreneur-minded students by giving them marketing assistance, financial management, connections to resources, comprehensive business programs, etc.


Bottom Line

We hope these seven useful tips strengthen your admission process and get you more enrolments. Apart from applying these points, digitalising your admission process is equally important.

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