What Is DVV in NAAC Accreditation Process?


DVV In NAAC Grading Process for HEIs

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Accreditation adds credibility to a degree. It authenticates the quality of education in colleges and higher education institutions. Hence, HEIs are always on their toes, working hard to improve their academic and non-academic operations to seek NAAC approval.

The NAAC grading process focuses on improving the teaching-learning model in institutes. For this, the council has a comprehensive assessment method that keeps a tab on all institutional activities.

With so much on its plate, NAAC needs an effective strategy to ensure that HEIs follow all the 7 essential criteria and are eligible for accreditation. Hence, comes DVV to the rescue, playing a pivotal role throughout the process.


What Is Data Validation and Verification (DVV) in NAAC?

DVV stands for Data Validation and Verification, a process to verify if the data submitted or uploaded on the portal during the NAAC accreditation process is valid or not. It is a software-based automated system that makes the entire NAAC evaluation more transparent.


What Is the Data Required for the Process?

The DVV process in NAAC requires the following data:

  • List of programs (for the last 5 years)
  • Self-study report (SSR report)
  • Evidence of data
  • Documents & records
  • Compliance MIS reports
  • E-copies of Awards/Recognition
  • Feedback from Students
  • Circulars of initiatives/new implementations


Standard DVV Operating Procedure (Dual Mode University/HEIs)

  • For each metric, the NAAC portal supports only 5MB of data, which you can upload on its official website. If the attachments exceed 5MB, then host the supporting documents on the HEI’s website with its link in the template or the HEI-DVV clarification space.
  • To provide the link of the hosted supporting documents in the HEI clarification box, press “enter” and paste the link and again press “enter” to enable hyperlink. For faster DVV clarification, share relevant supporting documents during the SSR submission.
  • Fill the template in the given NAAC format and attach it to SSR. HEIs can’t alter the format as the documents have to be readable for the claims to be considered.
  • For NAAC grading, respond to all the DVV clarifications shared in the extended profile and metrics within the stipulated time. For larger data, the DVV Partner will ask for more details from selected sample documents for validation. Make sure to upload all the asked documents.
  • The provided data may be considered pro-rata for a few exceptional cases and the list of the documents is only suggestive. So, if HEIs want to attach other relevant documents, they can upload them on the website.
  • Data should not be hosted on Google drive and any third party websites. The data should be both on the NAAC portal & on the HEI website.
  • Once you upload the data and submit links to NAAC, no changes are permissible. Any modifications in the documents will be tracked and will be considered a misappropriation of data leading to strict actions against the HEI. Make sure that all the shared links are operational.
  • The links provided by institutes must be appropriate to the metric rather than general links to the landing page or home page. If a link doesn’t work during the DVV process, then NAAC will take the final call.
  • Translate regional languages in the documents to English and upload the translated copy with the original ones. Uploaded documents must be signed by the head of the institution.
  • All supporting and additional documents should be signed by the competent authority.



Surely, DVV is a critical and stringent process with no scope for errors. You will get no second chance to make edits or change links once you upload the documents. Therefore, be careful, consider all the factors, double-check the documents, and then go for the final submission.

NAAC accreditation is tricky but important for all colleges and HEIs. Hence, you need a reliable partner to get you through it smoothly. That is where CollPoll enters, providing an efficient and AI-powered digital platform to take care of the NAAC accreditation process.

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