Digitally Engage Students, Staff and Parents Using CollPoll

Digitally Engage Students, Staff and Parents Using CollPoll

Innovations used in smart retail, banking, digital workplaces, and smart venues like hospitals are being extended to higher education campuses. This digital shift is enabling an easy and seamless experience by leveraging the most advanced and next-generation technologies. And more importantly, these technologies adjust their practices and continually modernize to meet the needs of the audiences. To stay sustainable and relevant in this pandemic, higher education institutions should employ technology and AI-based solutions to enhance the well-being of the communities in which they are rooted.

CollPoll’s “Back to Safe Campus” initiative with Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports smart campus strategies by automating manual processes like student entry, hostel & mess operations, student and parent engagement, and communications etc. The aim is to boost efficiency, make quality improvements over existing human-centric solutions and reduce the workload of staff, administration and enhance students’ experience.

CollPoll enables educational institutions to Boost Student and Parent Engagement and effortlessly move away from physical events and email chains to a comprehensive mobile app for enhanced engagement and connect.


Digitally Engage Students, Staff and Parents Using CollPoll


  • Campus Social Network

One of the fundamental enablers of engaging students and staff both inside and outside the campus is via campus’s social network. The benefit of using this feature is – satisfaction of students and staff members, enhancing student motivation to learn, betterment of their relationships with each other, and improvement in student’s performance.

By using this feature, administrators can share campus news, create Q&A communities for stakeholders, and acknowledge the achievements of students and faculty. Students can organize online events, give feedback, share campus updates and pictures etc. Everything using a single dashboard!

  • Parent Engagement

Several benefits can be accrued by engaging parents with frequent communication and updates. The Parent Engagement feature opens up a wide array of opportunities to be a part of their childrens’ actions and performance. Here’s how:

  1. A separate Parent App for officially communication and campus news/updates from the institution
  2. Access to their child’s attendance.
  3. Parents’ consent on gate pass/leave through automated SMS or phone calls using IVR.
  4. Regular notifications for late entry to campus or absenteeism of their child from campus and hostel.
  • Instant SoS Communication

Information delivery at the right time is crucial for every institution. Through our – Instant SoS Communication feature – you can easily post on campus feed and notify the communities in case of emergency or mishap. This feature also enables everyone to quickly reach out to each other and stay connected via texts.

Additionally, students can request for counselling sessions, medical services, ambulance etc. using Campus Help Center if they are facing any issues that need urgent attention.

  • Automated Notifications

The Millenial and Gen-Z generation are digital natives and aspire to stay updated on everything happening around them. At the same time, parents these days are much more familiar with smartphones as compared to previous generations and expect frequent communication delivered to them about their child’s academic status as well as safety. Same is the case for teaching and non-teaching staff.

CollPoll ensures automated notifications on both web and mobile apps so that students and staff receive every communication and message right on time. A new event that is happening on campus, changes in the mess menu, updated timings of campus main gate entry/exit, changes in class time table, any new assignment or quiz launched, among others. Literally, every update in a single place.

Nowadays, a paradigm shift to utilize innovative next-generation technologies and create an AI-based campus is the solution to overcome the pandemic vulnerabilities. By leveraging CollPoll’s advanced technologies, you can seamlessly enhance the communication and engagement while keeping staff, parents, and students connected.

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