CollPoll’s Classroom LMS Integrates JioMeet for Video Conferencing

CollPoll’s Classroom LMS Integrates JioMeet for Video Conferencing

Online classes have become a new norm for institutions across the globe. Adopting a robust learning management system (LMS) helps faculty to effortlessly create and manage online classes and have a seamless digital experience. Faculty can not only teach large groups of learners in a virtual environment but also provide anytime, anywhere accessibility to vast learning resources. 

The CollPoll Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the quintessential tools that drive digital learning experience for students and teaching experience for faculty of higher education institutions. Whenever faculty schedules a class on any of the video conferencing platforms, the link is directly reflected in the student’s calendar mapped to that class. The faculties have the flexibility to create, edit, and delete sessions in real-time. Thus, facilitating a smooth learning experience for students.

Introducing JioMeet Integration in CollPoll Classroom LMS

The latest version of Classroom LMS introduces JioMeet Integration for video conferencing. The JioMeet app allows faculties to seamlessly manage online classes and students to have a seamless and smart learning experience since the application is loaded with stickers, emoticons, and features like background change.

The app will come with the following features:

  • High-quality user experience – HD audio and video, background noise cancellation, adaptive video resolution, and more.
  • Simple and secure platform password-protected meetings, waiting room and lock meeting support, encrypted data, and more.
  • Collaboration tools support – private and group chat, cloud recording, file sharing, group creation, and individual app sharing.


CollPoll’s Classroom LMS Integrates JioMeet for Video Conferencing


Benefits of JioMeet Application for LMS

The ed-tech sector is growing substantially in India and the online learning platform from Jio – “JioMeet” leverages it by delivering a wide array of benefits to both students and faculty. Let’s have a look at the advantages!

1. Flexible Accessibility

JioMeet is available for all users including – students and faculty. They can easily sign up using their phone numbers or email addresses and can even join a meeting without creating an account.

2. User-friendly Interface

The easy-to-use platform offers a very simple interface. It supports multi-device login support and can simultaneously connect as many as five devices. The users have the privilege to switch between the devices while they are still in the virtual classroom.

3. Host 250 Participants

JioMeet enables you to add up to 250 students in a class, all at once. Additionally, it offers features like – scheduling a class, screen sharing, Whiteboard, Classroom mode, Mute All app sharing, and much more.

4. No Cap on Time

One of the most beneficial features of JioMeet is that there is no cap on the time limit. This means you can conduct online classes here for up to 24 hours a day without any limit on the number of classes that can be hosted in a day.

5. Waiting Room

While you are in the online class, you can enable the “waiting room” feature (a virtual place that will not allow the students to join until you are ready).

Due to the unprecedented pandemic, the entire education sector and the processes involved in it have moved online. Through the Learning Management System (LMS), you can overcome the old-fashioned ways of teaching and learning while keeping the learning content centralized. You can easily track the progress of your students, combine text, images and video to create engaging courses, and keep your courses up-to-date.

If you’d like to talk in more detail about how CollPoll LMS would benefit your institution, book a personalized demo now!