CollPoll’s “Back To Safe Campus” Initiative Brings Student Entry Automation

Student entry automation

With the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, there has been havoc across the world and like any other  sector, education has been hit hard. The pandemic forced schools and colleges around the country to move to remote instruction. The prolonged closure of educational institutions has not only impacted the student well-being but also created a gap in their engagement with peers and professors.

“Over 850 million children and youth – roughly half of the world’s student population – had to stay away from schools and universities due to the COVID-19 pandemic”, UNESCO.

Though institutions are now equipped with online learning, the actual question is – whether they are prepared to welcome back students in a much safer way?

Let’s delve into learning more about the same!

Educational campuses are places where students live and study in close proximity to each other. They are also the buzzing cultural hubs that bring together students from around the world. However, in recent months we have noticed how quickly the virus can spread in areas with a high concentration of people – and university campuses are no exception.

This is why campuses are automating their offline processes to turn everything online and ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Automation is increasingly being leveraged in educational institutions to develop more modern and much needed  administrative operations. By automating processes like student entry and reliably performing high-volume tasks with few clicks,  campuses have noticed efficiency and quality improvements over existing more human-centric solutions.

CollPoll’s Automated Student Entry module ensures a smooth transition from “Being at home” to “Back on Campus” for the students and keeps parents’ worries at bay.


Automation of student entry to reopen campuses


The module covers the following features:

  • Auto-verify Covid Vaccination Status

Nowadays, vaccination prior to entering university campuses has become a must for ensuring the safety of both students and staff. To automate the verification process, institutions can leverage the ready-made COWIN Integration that comes with the CollPoll platform. With this integration, institutions can auto-verify the Covid vaccination status first and accordingly, permit students to come back to the campus.

  • Parent Consent through IVR

Depending on parents’ preferences, children can opt for physically attending classes and living in hostels. However, instilling confidence in parents about the safety of their children on campus and hostels is the responsibility of the institutions.

With CollPoll’s Automated Student Entry Module, institutions can get parents’ consent  through automated SMS or phone calls using IVR or alternatively, asking students to submit written consent from parents on CollPoll. Admins are then automatically notified of the consent received from parents.

  • Re-open Campus in Phases

With CollPoll, universities and colleges can re-open the campus in phases and can easily adhere to social distance and follow other protective measures. 

To re-open the campuses in phases, admins can  create and offer multiple booking slots for students using CollPoll’s Campus Help Center at programme and batch year levels. Admins can define timelines for booking a slot along with total seats in each slot, which students will be able to see when they opt to book a slot to return to the campus.

  • QR Code-based Entry

Our latest module has come with the upgraded technology of automatically checking student’s campus entry slots by scanning the QR Code. Once the students book a slot to return to the campus, they get a QR code which is then scanned at the gate while entering the campus (for that particular slot). This will not only speed up the process of student entry to the campus but also ensure elimination of error at the same time.

The Automated Student Entry module developed by CollPoll aims to enable educational institutions to seamlessly manage safe campus opening procedures. This will also ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff while focusing on delivering education at scale.

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