CollPoller Spotlight: Lakshmi Nair, Product Specialist

CollPoller Spotlight

It’s rightly said that culture is built by the people. When people with passion come together, magic happens. And this magic takes an organisation to greater heights. Thus, we combined the reel cafeteria with a real coffee and sat down with Lakshmi Nair, the Product Specialist from our Customer Success team to get candid on her journey with CollPoll so far.


What excites you about CollPoll?

When I read about CollPoll for the first time or prepared for interviews, I got a peripheral view about it. But going through training and understanding the product closely, it’s even more exciting. I often go back to my time as a student and relate to so many issues that we faced on campus. It’s amazing how you can now do multiple things sitting in your hostel room or from literally any location, through one mobile app. Submit assignments, take examinations, pay fees, request for a gate pass, view what’s for lunch and even request housekeeping services for your room. I’m truly amazed by the technology behind this. Everything is accessible from a single platform. It makes life so easy and comfortable for students as well as for professors and administrators.


What has been challenging so far?

I believe everyday day brings new challenges of its own when one works in a product company that is using such advanced technologies. I may not know how to address these instantly but I change my approach to find a solution. And I have evolved a lot through the learnings I have got in that process. It is challenging and exciting at the same time because every day and every week is different at CollPoll. This is a journey where we and clients grow together.

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What is the coolest part of your job?

It’s always a learning experience getting to know and interact with some of the senior people, HODs and professors of higher education institutions. While it can be a formal conversation in the beginning phase, it’s wonderful how your bond evolves as you work together to solve the real problems on the ground. Over time, they become your family. Often, they share really interesting stories of their academic journey which adds a wonderful flavour to this experience. I feel that I have evolved a lot both personally and professionally through the learnings I have got from this role.


“Getting to interact with key stakeholders of higher educational institutions is the coolest part of my job as a Product Specialist.  It’s such a role where I need polished soft skills and a deep understanding of the need of our product for the customers. I have evolved a lot through this process. The whole learning process is awesome at CollPoll.”


Which CollPoll value resonates with you the most and why?

I feel empathy and teamwork are values that I imbibe in my day-to-day life. Being a product specialist, I need to feel and understand the real problems of our clients to work on the same. I strongly believe empathy has helped me in evolving here at CollPoll. At the same time, teamwork is something that can’t be missed when working in customer-facing roles. At CollPoll, all departments truly support each other and that is the key reason we are able to expand as well as maintain our client base really well.


How has been your experience of virtual joining and working from home?

Initially, I did feel it was overwhelming to work with a new team without meeting them in person but the team bonding and culture are so good at CollPoll that I don’t really miss the physical office aspect of the work-life. I also love the fact that working from home has made life easier and enabled us to spend more time with family. While working from home is comfortable and has its own perks, it can sometimes make you crave for that “going to the office and meeting everyone” feel. 

“Though working from home has its own perks but there’s a different joy in talking about products, culture, and experiences in person.”


What are your thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion in the EdTech World? 

Although most edtech organisations are yet to reach gender parity, they have been open and eager to take initiatives to bridge these gaps. It was amazing to see CollPoll encouraging “Back to Work” profiles when one of our team members, Bhavana returned to work after a long career break by joining CollPoll back in July. On the personal side as well, a good support system goes a long way. I remember my husband was settled with a job in Orissa. The chances of me getting a good opportunity there was less so he decided to move to Bengaluru for me and get a job here. That’s the kind of support everyone needs because change starts at home.


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