CollPoll Partners with Manahwellness to Launch Digital Wellness Center for Institutions

CollPoll Partners with Manahwellness to Launch Digital Wellness Center for Institutions

The well-being of students and teachers encompasses their overall health, including their social, physical, mental, and emotional health with enjoyment and satisfaction being inseparably tied to it. In a nutshell, the well-being of an individual is the way they perceive themselves and their life.

According to a study, around 37% of college students in India are suffering from depression or some form of mental illness.

The pressure to get into a good university, coupled with the stress to score good grades as well as parental expectations and immense competition to do well, all result in students leading stressful lives. Other issues facing students include problems in relationships, family and economic troubles, bullying, and discrimination which in turn affect their performance negatively and can result in mental health issues.

Nurturing students’ well-being in safe, supportive and inclusive environments assists them to be confident, resilient, and lifelong learners. While the emotional well-being of teachers reflects a positive attitude toward teaching and development. This can affect how well they function in their day-to-day life or how they are able to deal with uncertainty or change. It includes how they respond to whatever happens around them and the way they feel about themselves.

Emotional well-being is just as crucial as physical fitness for a person!

Here’s how can you improve the well-being and mental health of students and teachers in the institution.

Introducing Manah Wellness as CollPoll’s Well-being Partner to Improve Emotional & Mental Health

Every progressive institution needs to support the emotional well-being of students and staff with a preventive approach. Manah Wellness offers a preventive, proactive and personalised digital platform to ensure emotional wellbeing across the institution. With a digital blockchain-enabled emotional health check feature, the Manah team identifies what area each person is struggling with, coping with or thriving and delivers the required plan of action for improvement.

The initiative offers the following solutions:

  • Implement preventive solutions – Preventive, proactive, and personalised solutions for students’ and teachers’ emotional and mental health, wellness, and professional growth.
  • Monitor progress – Track, assess, and understand their wellbeing and how it changes over time.
  • Counselling and therapy sessions – Sessions are provided by a team of highly qualified psychologists.
  • Awareness campaigns – Jointly with CollPoll, Manah will run an awareness campaign around mental health, well-being, and best practices along with support groups among students with 24×7 trained psychologists.

CollPoll Partners with Manahwellness to Launch Digital Wellness Center for Institutions: Student well-being

For the students’ community:

  • Wellness challenges
  • Emotional check-ins
  • 1 on 1 counselling sessions
  • Well-being champions certification for students leaders
  • Support groups for students

For teachers’ community:

  • Sensitization training for mental health
  • Well-being champions & ambassadors certification program
  • Emotional check-ins
  • 1 on 1 counselling sessions
  • Destress sessions

Benefits of Incorporating Well-being Sessions

Fostering and teaching well-being is a way to show students and educators your support by enabling them with both short and long-term benefits. This deposits knowledge and dispositions into an account that may someday fund their health, profession, creativity, and success.

Following are the benefits of including well-being sessions to improve mental health:

  • By prioritizing the emotional health of students, you nurture them.
  • It delivers life-long advantages in health, work, relationships, and creativity.
  • The far-reaching influence of higher education institutions can be easily adapted to promote well-being throughout the entire community.
  • It boosts students’ academic performance, social integration, behaviour, and satisfaction.
  • Improves teachers’ ability to interact with students, face challenges, teach concepts, and avoid burnout.

At CollPoll, we understand that a student’s and teachers’ mental well-being is essential to recognize their potential, help them manage typical life challenges, work creatively and productively, and contribute to their community. So, we partnered with Manah Wellness, to help institutions serve both students and mentors in a better way!

Want to know the well-being status of your students and teachers? 

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