AICTE Launches EducationINdia Portal to Promote Indian Universities Abroad and Attract Foreign Students


The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has launched a new online platform called EducationINdia for international students. The idea behind introducing the portal is to showcase the strengths of Indian institutions to international students and give them all the key information about Indian higher education institutions in one commonplace. To access the portal, students can visit its official website-

This will let higher education institutions that are admitting international students or want to do so showcase their strengths on a single platform. Also, they can promote their education programmes across the globe.


No Mandatory Registration

As per the details issued by the AICTE, registration to the portal is optional for students if they simply want to browse through the platform to seek information. However, for admission to an institution, international students must register on the EducationINdia portal and generate their personalised ID to access it.

Students are required to register only once even if they have got offers from multiple institutions. Once the registration process is done, they will get a Unique EducationINdia portal ID (EI-ID). Moreover, it is mandatory for HEIs that wish to admit international students to have an AISHE code that will be used as a login ID on this platform.

The first phase of EducationINdia is complete and institutions can now update their profile on the portal. Colleges and educational institutions that have already enrolled international students according to the latest AISHE (All India Survey of Higher Education) guidelines and data are free to register on the portal. The portal is also capable of creating a basic profile for these institutes using the data available on the platform.

Institutions that are planning to accept the admission of international students and are eligible to do so can register in the second phase. They will have to go through a comprehensive verification process to confirm their registration.



The AICTE has provided contact details in case students want further assistance or support to access the portal. They can connect with Manoj Singh on the Help Desk via email- or give a call on- 011-29581342 for any query/suggestion/clarification regarding the EducationINdia portal. For regular updates and information, candidates can visit the official website of the AICTE or the UGC.

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