AICTE: How it Works, Roles, Responsibilities & Benefits


AICTE: How it Works, Roles, Responsibilities & Benefits

In India, formal technical education was introduced in the mid 19th century. Soon, it was recommended to set up a committee that controls and coordinates the industrial development and educational facilities. Also, the community was to be made responsible for the quality assurance of technical education offered by institutions. Every college had to adhere to regulations and norms of the body before they start offering technical courses to students. Hence, entered AICTE, which was formed in November 1945.


What is AICTE?

AICTE or All India Council for Technical Education is a national-level advisory body that was established with a vision to regulate and promote the technical education system in India. The council comes under the Ministry of Human Resource Development and was granted statutory status by an Act of Parliament in 1987. Thus, allowing it to act more effectively and independently. AICTE encourages the development of integrated and coordinated education culture in higher education institutions across India.

The major responsibility of this council is to accredit graduate and postgraduate programs for specific categories of technology in AICTE approved colleges. Moreover, it plans and develops a technical and management education system. This is also the primary difference between AICTE and UGC as the latter is focused on accreditation of non-technical education.


Roles & Responsibilities of AICTE in Technical Education

  • To grant approval for upgrades in education institutes, such as introducing new courses, the extension of an existing college, and continuing the approval after a break in the preceding academic year.
  • It also permits setting up new institutions in India that would provide technical courses and programs at different levels, including Diplomas, Degree, Post Diplomas, PG Diploma, Postgraduate, etc.
  • It initiates the process of closure in AICTE approved institutes if they have applied for the same.
  • Only AICTE has the power to approve the change of site or location for technical education institutions in the country.
  • Moreover, it grants approval to HEIs that want to convert Women’s institutions into co-ed colleges and vice versa.
  • It monitors the permissions to reduce or increase the intake of new courses in the first and regular shifts in the existing technical education institutes.


Benefits of AICTE

AICTE ranking or accreditation has no specific benefits for institutes. Approval from this council is mandatory for colleges offering technical education, including engineering, management, and other courses that come under the 10 statutory bodies of AICTE. Without receiving approval from AICTE, none of the HEIs can provide these education programs. So, it is important for students to check AICTE accreditation before applying for admission to any college.


How Does It Work?

To seek AICTE approval for the first time for their technical education courses or programs, institutions have to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1
    Visit the official AICTE website- and then click on web portal login.
  • Step 2
    Click “Request User Id” on the homepage of the web portal and get login credentials, including User Id and Password.
  • Step 3
    Once credentials are received on the registered email id, use it to log in to the AICTE portal.
  • Step 4
    Click on New Institute Application and read the given instructions thoroughly.
  • Step 5
    Proceed further and create an application for AICTE approval through New Institute Application.
  • Step 6
    Fill in all the required information, such as institution details, organization details, etc., in the given tabs. Once Land Details, Deficiency and Payments Tabs are enabled, fill in these details as well.
  • Step 7
    After you mention all the asked information in the fields including Land Details, click on the Submit button to send your online application.
  • Step 8
    Make the online payment by following the given steps under the payments tab. Check the required amount in TER charged tab.
  • Step 9
    Print out your online application Part-1, Part-2 and Deficiency Report. Take regular follow-up from the AICTE Headquarters through email, SMS, or web portal to make sure that all formalities of the AICTE approval process are complete.



AICTE is rigid when it comes to granting approval to colleges and it inspects every aspect meticulously. Therefore, before applying for AICTE approval, institutes must be equipped with the necessary labs, infrastructure, faculty members, and other facilities.

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