Proctored Online Exams: All You Need To Know


Technology has endowed us with several boons and conveniences. With education experiencing a digital shift, AI proctoring has become an essential part of conducting online exams. This ensures fair supervision of exams by obstructing any methods of cheating or unfair means.

Technological breakthroughs have proved AI proctored online exams to be much more effective than traditional exams. By implementing an online examination management system and focusing on AI proctored online exams, higher education institutions can seamlessly digitise their key academic processes. Thus, enjoying greater scalability, more customization options, increased mobility, and a lot more.

What are AI Proctored Online Exams & How do they benefit HEIs?

As the name suggests, AI proctored online exams offer the ability to ensure virtual invigilation of students and cheat-free procedures to maintain integrity. This brings together Artificial Intelligence, proctor controls over exams, and real-time tracking of students and their devices.

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of AI proctored online exams:

  • Verify Student Identification and Attendance with Ease

Institutions need to ensure that students giving the online exams are the same as the students enrolled in that particular course. Hence, the CollPoll app allows students to e-verify their identity and attendance before starting proctored online exams/tests.

  • Support Varied Q&A Formats 

Conducting proctored online exams on CollPoll supports the creation of questions in multiple formats such as – objective, subjective, diagrams, formulae, etc. The faculty can easily create model answer keys and manage the distribution of marks at the question level.

  • Increased Mobility and Scalability

Remote proctoring technology eliminates the limitation of conducting exams in the examination hall by allowing administrators/faculty to easily take proctored online exams from the comfort of a remote location in a secure, cheat-proof environment.

Additionally, the efficiency obtained through improved accuracy in recognition of an unusual student behaviour allows proctoring of online exams without compromising the security capability of human intervention.

  • Access to a Detailed Report

AI proctored online exams provide in-depth reporting giving faculty a wealth of information. The faculty can see the detailed report of students, identify patterns, and understand students’ and their device activities during online exams.

Proctored online exams also helps in affordability, scaling institutions needs, providing flexible exam schedules, and eliminating administrative burden.


CollPoll AI Proctored Online Exams


Conducting AI Proctored Online Exams on CollPoll

AI Proctored online exams aren’t just a way of deterring cheating but are also a great resource for students, faculty, and administration to perform online examinations. The process drives towards the goal of providing a fair testing environment and reducing the institutions’ efforts.

CollPoll uses AWS Lambda and Rekognition Solutions for reliable proctoring of the online exams. The features include the following:

1. Pre-examination Checks

This is the step towards identifying student IDs. Pre-exam management ensures that the student meets the required criteria of the test/exam at the time of taking the final exam remotely. The CollPoll app includes the following functionalities:

  • Scanning system requirements such as Internet Connectivity and WebCam.
  • Capturing Location and IP Address
  • Student identification through Face and ID Scan
  • Getting student’s consent for taking Intermittent Screenshots of them and their screens
  • Informing students of the Rules and Regulations for Proctored Exam

2. During Proctored Online Exams

The step prevents any fraud/cheating and promotes the fair implementation of online exams through AI-driven advanced proctoring systems. The CollPoll app offers the following features:

  • All the activities of the students are monitored and captured in CollPoll’s server.
  • Students are not allowed to toggle between screens/browsers/tabs. In case of any violations, students are shown the pop-ups for rules such as – Right Click is not allowed, Copy Paste is not allowed, Pressing Esc button is not allowed etc.
  • Intermittent Screenshots of the System Screen of the students as well as Intermittent Screenshots of the student are captured. 
  • Students are shown a Summary of Questions Attempted before they submit the exam, for better transparency.

3. Student Confidence Reports

After the submission of results, the CollPoll app generates students’ confidence reports. The confidence report enables faculty members to view the actions students’ have taken during an exam along with the frequency of a particular action through screenshots and snapshots.

As you take a step towards digitisation, you need efficient methods of conducting proctored online exams. CollPoll offers implementation that is simple yet beneficial for faculty, students, and administrators. We take imminent measures to ensure high integrity while conducting online exams through robust AI proctored solutions.

If you are looking to opt for an AI Proctored Online Examination in your institution, contact us now!